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Clothing Store And Apartment


This is a clothing store, with an apartment located on top. I decided to use a light yellow color since it is not a very common color for Lego buildings. 

On the bottom floor is a clothing store, which has a rack in the back that holds shirts, and a shelf towards the front for hats. There's also a cashier counter, of course, and if you walk back outside, stairs lead up to the apartment upstairs, which is home to a band that plays rock 'n roll music. On the second floor of the building (the first floor of the apartment) is a kitchen and a dining area, with a skull on the table Well, let's not discriminate, since this band also has a cool hideout-the alley space behind the clothing store downstairs! You see, when the band found that there was space behind the clothing store that was of no use, they asked the owner of the store if they could use it, and the owner said yes. Now, they have a barbecue and a small space for hanging out! On the third floor is a very small bathroom that all of the residents share and a very small bedroom that two of the band members share. Inside is a bunk bed with different sheet colors for each bunk to distinguish whose bed is whose. And on the fourth floor is another small bedroom for the other two band members, and in the largest room is a wall with soundproofing, as well as a microphone and a drumset for the band to practice in, plus a record hanging in the room for decoration. The minifigs are detailed in the images, and the guitarist and bassist are holding their instruments, ready to play.

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