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This is a high school, made of around 2500 pieces and totally compatible with other modular buildings. One classroom is a science classroom, another is a computer room, and the rest can be made whatever you want them to be. There is also a restroom on the bottom floor, as well as a main office, where a headmaster/headmistress has their small office. The brick texture and roof texture on the building are inspired by my own high school, as is the sign on the side of the building, which is supposed to be an electronic sign. You can change the lettering of the sign if you would like, if this becomes a set. Every classroom is equipped with a chalkboard, an eraser, and chalk, and most classrooms have either six or three desks, but the science classroom and computer room each have four seats. There is also an outside area with a bench and a table for students to relax during their free time. Each classroom also has its own room number, from 1 to 5, since there are five classrooms.

The minifigs include seven students and four adults. One of the adults is the headmaster/headmistress/principal, while the rest can either be administrators in the office or teachers. The students have backpacks to distinguish them from the adult figures. I based some of the minifigs off of real people, with extra made-up details added in, but others were made up entirely. The intention was for the lady in the pink shirt and the beehive haircut to be the headmistress/principal, but of course if this becomes a set, you can put whoever you want as the headmaster/headmistress/principal.

I built this project as a model of my real high school. It combines my life and my passion for Lego, especially modular buildings, into a single MOC. This is a redo of my older high school project that just expired. I changed the brick texturing and added more colors on the brickwork to add a bit of realism, since different bricks in a wall will age differently. I would have built it using real bricks, but unfortunately, many of the pieces that I wanted to use for this project do not come in the colors that I wanted to use for the project, and I also did not have the pieces required to make much of the parts of the buildings, even the parts that are made from pieces that do exist in the colors that I needed them in. 

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