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Pizza Shop


Hello everyone and welcome to Slyce Pizza! (misspelling intentional)

This is a pizza shop in the downtown of Lego City. In the shop when you enter, you will find a counter where you can order your delicious pizza. Then, the two highly-trained chefs take ingredients from out of the refrigerator and from there the pizza-making process begins! One chef rolls the dough and the other adds the toppings. Then, once one chef puts it in the oven, which is against one wall, the magic happens and you have a delicious pizza that any minifigure will enjoy!

As you exit out the back door you find a staircase that leads up to an apartment or just a general living space. The second floor holds a kitchen, where a minifig resident can make their own meals, and an eating area (although small, just one person lives here), where the resident can enjoy their home-cooked meal or a takeout meal (perhaps from Slyce, downstairs!). There is also a comfy chair under the stairs, where a visitor might sit, or where the resident may sit when they're just reading or don't require a table to eat (since there seem to be no books in this apartment...hmm). Walk up the stairs to find a compact but well-kept bathroom. Then, cross the hallway to find the bedroom, where a flat-screen TV sits on top of the dresser, ready for someone who can't sleep to watch (even though it's unhealthy). But if you don't want to watch TV or eat food downstairs, who can resist the small Lego city diorama (yes, I was inspired by the Assembly Square modular) with boxes full of Lego pieces underneath! Since this resident really seems to enjoy eating, a picture of a cake hangs on the wall in the hallway. However, they must also enjoy basketball (or at least watching basketball on TV), since a basketball picture hangs in the bedroom.

On the roof, one can find a small HVAC unit and some detailing, along with an address for the place, so minifigs can spot the pizza shop from the road, if they missed the light turquoise sign above the entryway.

I wanted to create a pizza shop since Lego already has a pizza printed round tile, and also since pizza is probably my favorite food. 

Thank you all for visiting! Don't forget to support, follow, and share this project!

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