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Half-Modular House


This is a modular home for a family of three minifigures. On the first floor you will find a garage that is able to fit a car of about four or five studs wide, probably. In the garage is a wall with many posters or plaques and a wall that holds tools. But if you walk in the front door you will be greeted with a floor mat and a long, narrow hallway that leads to the back door and to the stairs to the second floor. The yard is fenced off to provide safety for a child, and contains a swing so a child can play outside at home, even in a more urban setting. If you walk up the stairs you will find a kitchen and an eating area with two drawers, a sink, a refrigerator, and a stove, as well as a picture and a floor lamp by the stairs. The table can seat three people and the refrigerator is packed with loads of snacks and ingredients to make delicious meals in the kitchen. Up the next set of stairs you will find the child's bedroom and the bathroom. The child's bedroom contains a bed and two posters, and is cramped, but it is enough for this child. The bathroom has all of the necessary things, including a toilet, sink, and a shower. If you climb up the final set of stairs you will find the parents' bedroom in the roof area. The back wall of the fourth floor is hinged to give a human access to the room, which has in it a bed and a TV. On the roof is an antenna to get TV signal for the parents' TV.

I built this project as a first attempt at a house-I have never built a modular house for Lego Ideas before. Hopefully someday there will be a second attempt but for now, this is a house of my own creation.

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