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Andy's Prehistoric Adventures


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Andy Day the lead character in Andy’s Adventures series (Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures, Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures, Andy’s Safari Adventures, Andy’s Secret Hideout, and many more), is so popular among children as a tv presenter in Cbeebies in my opinion and also across the United Kingdom particularly.


Following the same story as Andy’s Dinosaurs Adventures, Andy is the head of the Prehistoric Gallery at the National Museum. Andy has an assistant Jen and a new boss Mrs Pickles and the Janitor. Andy continues to use the Old Museum Clock to find a replacement piece for damaged exhibits but he now travels back to find other prehistoric creatures from different eras, not just Dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurus, Wolly Mammoth and Smilodon (Sabre-tooth Tiger) are perhaps the most famous prehistoric creatures that guaranteed to become the LEGO® collector’s choice. It’s not only the ordinary T-Rex, my idea is featuring the latest version of BBC Tyrannosaurus. 

Through 419 bricks, I hope the collectors will experience the journey to travel the time as Andy does. That’s why I will include two base plates that indicate the time different, woods theme for the past and museum for the present. Something that never been done before .


  • 3 Prehistoric Creatures (Tyrannosaurus, Wolly Mammoth, Smilodon)
  • 2 Base Plates
  • Trees and Plants
  • Old Museum Clock
  • Sofa
  • 2 Stages
  • 1 Computer
  • Wall set of National History Museum


  • Andy Day
  • Jen
  • Mrs Pickles
  • The Janitor


Thank you for your support and consideration. Terima kasih!

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