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Titan IIIE Launch Vehicle


Launch Pad

The Titan IIIE was launched from pad #41.  Info on the dimensions of this launch pad has been hard to find if any.  I have had to go by pictures to get the initial design concept developed.  There are a number of models out there that try to capture the pad but are nothing similiar to the actual launch pad.  If anyone has any information on the size of the pad, drop me a comment with a link.  EDIT:  Found that it stood 175 feet.  Still want more info.



I found out that the Titan IIIE launched another probe I was not aware of.  Helios 1 and 2.  Of which has the record of being the fastest man made object.  There are a few exceptions to this as to direction of the travel from the sun.  I find it very neat that the Titan IIIE is responsible for putting the fastest probe and the furthest probe into space.  I intend to make Helios up in 1/110 for completeness to this project.  Also starting to eye a launch pad as that seems to be the rage, but that is well out.