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Obelix' hut in detail

We are heading for the 1000 supporters! Within one week, Asterix & Obelix got 841 supporters! A huge thanks to all of you. 
Time for a closer look at Obelix’ hut. In my previous Asterix the Gaul project, I only added Obelix’ menhir quarry. But I when I had a good look at Obelix’ hut in the Asterix’ comic books, I thought it to be a perfect smaller side build for the revised Asterix project. It is also one of the reasons why I re-named the project: Asterix & Obelix.

The structure consists out of two parts, the back and the front that can be connected – like the Asterix’ hut – by the technic axle 1L pin with friction ridges. In the wall of the front part of the hut, is a 1 x 1 technic brick with a hole in which the pin fits. The opposite wall on back part of the hut, contains the 1 x 1 technic brick with axle hole for the connection. 

Obelix’ contains a table, a chimney, a bed and a wild boar head above his bed. Obelix also has a special shelf to showcase his Roman helmets. The most important helmet it holds is that of Roman general Pompey, Caesar’s arch enemy. My inclusion of this golden treasure is a reference to the comic book Asterix and the Actress (Asterix et Latraviata, 2001). I based the hut on the images by Uderzo from that book and from Asterix and the Class Act (Astérix et la rentrée Gauloise, 2003), Asterix & Obelix’s Birthday, the Golden Book (L’Anniversaire d’Astérix & Obélix, le Livre d’Or, 2009) and Asterix and Obelix, All at Sea (La Galère d’Obélix, 1996) in which it occurs for the first time in detail. Before that time Obelix was mostly seen as a guest in the huts of Asterix, Panoramix and Abraracourcix. 

Obelix' menhir quarry is situated next to his house since that his father, Obélodalix started this business. It is a feature that needs to be in this product idea with some different menhirs that the builders could carve, sculpt … build themselves. 

Let’s try to hit the 2nd milestone of 1000 supporters soon! Please keep sharing from time to time to reach then end goal of 10K … 

To be continued …


More than 500 votes!

More than 500 votes already! Thank you very much! Time for some extra information about the hut of Asterix.

Here is a more detailed look at the back of Asterix’ cabin. Downstairs Asterix can eat at his table and meet his Gaulish friends. In this Lego Asterix adventure, the shield of Vercingetorix is safe with our hero. It is a reference to the shield of the chief of the Gaulish village, Abraracourcix, who won it from a Roman soldier during a game of dice (Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield, 1967). 

Upstairs there is an extra bed for visitors and even little but brave Idéfix has a place there for the night (see other picture of the interior of the back of the cabin in the showreel). I also included the bowl with water which shows up in one of the Asterix comics. Obelix uses it to shave himself.  

At the back of Asterix hut there is a little beach with a wooden jetty. This jetty occurs also in the comics and animated movies but then it is just outside the village towards the Atlantic Ocean. From there sometimes Asterix and Obelix leave for great adventures, so it is a reference to some of their great adventures …

Let's continue to support Asterix & Obelix to reach the second milestone soon!

To be continued ...


An improved chimney and fireplace

I have improved the chimney build to make it steadier than it was in my previous Asterix the Gaul build. It also contains less bricks this time. 

The chimney of the hut is placed on a panel that could be connected to both front and the back of the hut. On both sides of the structure are 1 x 1 technic bricks with a hole. Both bricks hold a technic axle 1L pin with friction ridges so that one can easily remove the chimney from the hut in order to display it in another manner or to play with it. 

When it comes to the play function, it is possible to light up the fire on the fire place by pressing on the axle 3L pin with stop. It triggers the light brick above the flames, hidden in the chimney. One can either use this panel as Asterix’ living room where he can roast wild boars for Obelix and himself or use it as Panoramix' potion brewery where he can prepare his magic potion for the indomitable Gauls. There is also a small bookshelf with secret manuscripts containing recipes. Note: the recipe for his magic potion is only transmitted orally and there is no scriptural tradition of it. Nevertheless, you can find some ingredients in the pantry like garlic, mistletoe, strawberries and fish. Of course, his golden sickle can’t miss out. 

To be continued ...


100 supporters already!

Thank you all for supporting Asterix & Obelix so quickly. The project reached the first milestone in one evening and I am very grateful for that!
Let me expand a bit more about the hut of Asterix in this update. I have replaced the wooden roof with a straw roofing using 1 x 3 tiles with a wood grain pattern, the modified tiles 1 x 2 grille and the modified plate 1 x 2 with rock fingers or 3 claws for the finishing touch. I also added 4 x 4 (brown) plates under the roof for a stronger support on the supporting bars that come out of the wall of the hut. The two hinges in the top of the roof are also a new addition so that one is able lift both roof panels up and to let it rest on the slope bricks on the bottom below without collapsing them or even the hut itself. I think that this new improvement will make Asterix’ hut steadier and firm. 

The hut contains some references to the books and animated movies. Did you know that a pig kind of introduced Asterix in his very first animated movie Astérix le Gaulois from 1967? That’s why I have included a little pig. 

I also made a link between the hay cart and the pig, that needs hay to sleep upon and between the hay cart and the roof. In some comic books the roof of Asterix’ hut is made out of wooden bars but in others the roof is covered with hay, so the cow merchant can also interact with Asterix by delivering him straw for the pig and for his roof when days are getting colder. 
Another hint to one of the books is the gift of Detritus. It is a special amphora jar that plays a part in Asterix and the Roman Agent.

Let's continue to support and share Asterix & Obelix to reach the next milestone of 1000 supporters!
To be continued … 

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