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10 000 SUPPORTERS: Thank you!

Asterix & Obelix did it again! They collected 10 000 Roman helmets and now they are about to enter the Review Phase of LEGO IDEAS.

I am so grateful that the renewed Asterix project has attained the same support as the previous one! It had a great start and was given a lot of boosts by LEGO and Asterix fans throughout the Gathering Support phase. And that is very good news because it proofs that the Asterix comics and the Asterix theme in general is still wanted as an official LEGO IDEAS set.
(I can't thank you, the supporters and fans, enough!)

I’d like to thank all the supporters for their votes and for their very nice comments. I also want to thank them for sharing Asterix & Obelix with their family, friends and digital social networks. Furthermore, I am grateful for the LEGO friends that encouraged me not to give up hope on reaching the 10K again. A special thanks to Rolf Smit, Peter de Smet and Péter Szalay who helped me in the process of designing the prints for the minifigures and to my wife, my greatest supporter and the one that never gave up on this project.

I have real passion for my most favorite hero of all time: Asterix, and also for Obelix of course, so I believed it was worth trying to re-submit him and his best friend into the LEGO IDEAS arena!

As mentioned before, next year, in 2024, there will be an animation series on Netflix based on the first six Asterix comics. And in October this year, the 40th comic will have its release: The White Iris! With this jubilee album and the animation series, Asterix will perhaps be more popular than ever. During the time between these two events, the Asterix & Obelix LEGO IDEAS product idea will be in review, so fingers crossed! 

Our Gaulish heroes have conquered Rome, will they be able to win the hearts of the people of Billund? 
Hopefully this story will be continued … on shelves!


Alternative dog figures for Idéfix

Idéfix is a very important character from the Asterix and can’t be left out of course. Today, he even has his own animation series and comic book series (Idéfix et les Irréductibles). In my first LEGO IDEAS Asterix the Gaul product idea, I used the Chihuahua dog figure. Back in those days, the figure did not come in white (only in a light nougat color), so I gave it the white color in Studio. But nowadays there is a white version of it that came with the Rococo Aristocrat from Minifigure Series 24.

For my new Asterix & Obelix project, I used another dog figure for Idéfix that matches him better. It’s a dog design that occurs in LEGO Friends sets 41699 and 41704.

With the help of Péter Szalay, I turned this dog into Idéfix.
But we also had alternative for him: the white Terrier. This was also the alternative for the Chihuahua dog in my previous Asterix the Gaul project.

And here is the Idéfix version of the dog figure:

Some fans of the project have suggested this one but my preference is for the LEGO Friends dog version because it is a smaller dog. Anyway, I still wanted to include this alternative Idéfix figure in the updates just to show you the possibilities for Idéfix.

Asterix & Obelix have 9500 supporters now and we are so close to the last milestone of 10K! Let’s collect the remaining 500 Roman helmets as soon as possible!

To be continued …

P.s.: I created the small park moc in the picture, just for display purposes of the dogs. It is not a part of the Asterix & Obelix product idea.


A good suggestion from an Asterix and Obelix supporter: Obelix’ torso

With the upcoming 100 Year’s Anniversary of Disney, LEGO released a cool Disney Minifigures series to celebrate the event. One of the minifigures is Baymax from Disney’s animation movie Big Hero 8 (2014). 
(Source: LEGO)

One of the fan supporters of my Asterix & Obelix project suggested to me that Obelix’ arms should be slightly bigger. He knows that I would like Asterix’ friend to remain a minifigure so that he can fit in the huts. Some have said he should be a big fig. I don’t think so. Buildable legs and a normal torso would do fine. See picture below:

But with the release of Baymax, the supporter said: “His torso would be perfect because of the bigger arms!” And I think he is right. This would be the perfect torso for Obelix. Of course, it needs to have the typical Obelix print with belt and bare chest. And it would be cool if one could move the hands as well, which is not possible with this new torso (element 6434962). I know that there are longer arms available in Bricklink’s Studio, elements 87773, 87774, 43368 and 43369, but the thickness of Baymax his arms are way better for Obelix' stature.

(Source: Brick Owl)

No, wait. Let’s put it this way, because Obelix does not like the word thick when it comes to his appearance: the ‘strong LEGO arms’ of Baymax are a perfect suggestion for Obelix’ big arms. This torso could definitely be used for Obelix. By doing so, Obelix could certainly be made into a minifigure and still look like Obelix. 
Fans of the project also have suggested that if LEGO IDEAS would pick Asterix & Obelix to become a new IDEAS set, new molds should be made for the heads of the minifigures for the sake of their accuracy. The most important reasons for this are the big noses where Uderzo’s Asterix and Obelix, their friends and the Romans are well-known for. My supporters say – and I agree with these fans – it would be so cool if Asterix & Obelix will get their own typical head molds just like many of the Disney LEGO minifigures have their own specific head molds as well. The fans of the A & O project have also mentioned the LEGO Simpsons and Muppets minifigures as examples. 

I leave these very nice suggestions for the Review Team of LEGO IDEAS! 
We are so close to the 10K goal now! It’s some 600 supporters to go! 
To be continued …


9000 Supporters!

Thank you so much everyone! We got 9000 Roman helmets in the pocket for Asterix & Obelix. It is fantastic! It’s now one thousand supporters away from the last milestone of 10K.

I promised to add a special update about a suggestion from one of the supporters. 

One could build from the parts of Asterix’ hut (with alternative wooden roof)

Obelix’ hut
The tree hut of Assurancetourix 

Another possibility for this set idea is that one could build out of the hay cart
Asterix’ hut and some additional parts for the orange sail, like parts 18910, 62462 and 4327 (the Fabuland fishing rod)

The fishing boat of Agecanonix

It is a bit like the 3+1 Creator sets and more or less the Barracuda Bay LEGO IDEAS set. One has the possibility to build something else from the original or initial builds. This is just an idea like my product idea is ‘an idea’. It is up to the Ideas Review Team for consideration, that is to say, if Asterix & Obelix reach that phase. 

First of all, we need 1000 supporters more to get there, so please share this project on your socials to collect as many Roman helmets as possible! Thanks again for getting this far already, but let’s go on to reach that finish line! 

To be continued …

Here is a short video about the suggestion:


The belts of Asterix and Obelix

If you look closely to the belts of Asterix and Obelix you will find out that I have created them with plates and tiles/dots. For both sides of the torsos.

After I rendered the small LEGO built belts, I imported the customized belt images in Bricklink’s Studio Part Designer and stuck them as stickers on the body parts. In this way, the belts of our Gaulish here have LEGO look but are still very recognizable!

Front Asterix:

Back Asterix:

Front Obelix:

Back Obelix:

Less than 1400 supporters to go! Let collect those Roman helmets to reach the 10K goal soon!
To be continued …


A Supporter’s Request - April Fools' Day

One of the Asterix & Obelix supporters asked me for this image … Well uh ... here it is. I guess no further explanation is necessary.

And these are the images on which my image is based. It’s from the 29th album, La Rose et le Glaive (Asterix and the Secret Weapon, 1991).

(From: De Roos & Het Zwaard, Dutch version)

To be continued …


Small addition to the straw roof

This new update belongs to the previous one about the alternative roof tops. I added two small structures to the straw roof in order to fill in a small gap. This structure has also been used for the ‘wooden’ roof alternatives. 

This is that structure formed by a 1x2 plate and a 1x1 plate (two times). 
And here it is when it's attached to the straw roof. 
And here is an image of the entire hut with the customized roof on top. 

If/When Asterix & Obelix reach 9000 supporters, then I will show the surprise update that I have promised before. 

To be continued …


8K! Roof alternatives

First of all, a huge thanks to all the supporters of Asterix & Obelix! You helped me to obtain 8000 Roman helmets for our Gaulish heroes. The last milestone of 10K is in sight!

To celebrate this moment, I would like to offer an alternative roof for this set idea. If LEGO Ideas chooses my idea to become a new set, it would be cool if builders of the set could choose between two different roofs for Asterix’ hut. 

Why? My first Asterix the Gaul project had a wooden roof that was based on the very first images drawn by Albert Uderzo of Asterix’ hut in Asterix the Gaul. But in some other comics, the roof of Asterix’ home is covered with hay. Like in the upcoming L’Iris Blanc (Asterix and the White Iris, 2023). Many supporters of Asterix the Gaul project back then and but also now preferred the yellow hay roof, so now I have chosen to improve the yellow roof and put that one up. It also gives a nice and cheerful color to the whole project since also Obelix’ hut has been added which has a roof existing out of wooden bars only. 

But I guess that in the winter, during the colder days, Asterix’ hut needs more isolation material, and in the summer, it could be taken off so that the wooden structure of the roof becomes visible. With two different options for the roof, I would like to offer an extra play feature and an extra building option. When children play with it, they could imagine that when winter comes, the hay cart with hay arrives to deliver hay for Asterix’ roof and they can build the yellow hay roof. When the spring kicks in, they can remove the two yellow roof parts and build the brown roof of wooden bars and place them upon the hut.

Here is an image of the yellow roof.
And here are two different versions of the wooden roof. For stability, the same plate structure of the yellow hay roof form the main base for the wooden roof panels. These plates have been covered by different bricks. The first version mainly exists out of curved slopes 1x4 and 1x1 x 2/3 doubles (parts 79756 and 79307, the same as from the roof of Obelix’ hut).
And this is how it looks as a whole.
And the second one has its inspiration from my first Asterix the Gaul project. But this time it’s a more solid and steadier build than the version of the roof from that project. Main parts are basically the modified brick 1 x 4 or 1 x 2 with log profile (parts 30137 and 30136).
This is how it would look, having this roof on top.
I prefer this version because the bars 6L with ring stop (Gandalf’s staff, part 63965) that stick out of the roof resemble the wooden roof of Asterix’ hut at its best. But there’s also another reason why my preference is for this roof and it has to do with the interesting comment from a supporter, that I mentioned in a previous update. This update would actually be about that particular comment but I figured I needed another step in between. It has to do with parts 30137 and 30136. If we collect a thousand helmets more and reach 9K, I will reveal what it is all about! 

Hopefully we will get there soon! Please share my Asterix & Obelix project in order to gain 10 000 supporters … even less than 2000 supporters to go!
To be continued …


L’Iris Blanc - The White Iris

Yesterday night, the title of the 40th Asterix album has been revealed! The new title will be:

L’Iris Blanc

The term means ‘The White Iris’ and refers to a new Roman school philosophy. It will be a humorous adventure about ‘positive thinking’ and ‘personal development’, stated Fabcaro, the writer of the new comic. Didier Conrad has taken up the drawing pen for this 40th installment of the Asterix series.
(Source: The Official Asterix and Obelix Facebook)

L'Iris Blanc will come out traditionally on the 26th of October, let’s get Asterix & Obelix to the 10K before that great day! Both young and old will enjoy reading the book as they would certainly enjoy a possible Asterix & Obelix LEGO IDEAS set! So, let’s vote! Almost 8K supporters!

To be continued ...


3/4! 1/4 to go!

Asterix & Obelix have acquired ¾ of the required supporters! We have collected more than 7600 helmets. Less than 2400 to go. In the meantime, the project has gotten very nice comments like:

“Thank you for your in-depth description of this fantasy comic world! It was very well written and thorough, which is great for those of us unfamiliar with this World. I think the set is very well designed with many details. Good luck to you, as I think this set would be a hit for Lego!” 
Someone else wrote:

“We’ve seen several Asterix sets on LEGO Ideas but this one is the most convincing one. Not only does it look nice and close to the books but it also looks like kids could play with it and I think that’s an important thing. So, well done!”
I definitely appreciate feedback like this! Thank you very much. Especially the comments on being true to the Asterix comics and on how it is for kids as well, encourage me and also affirm that it has been a good idea to give the Gaulish hero a second chance on LEGO IDEAS. I also received another interesting and cool comment from someone but I will write about that one if/when Asterix & Obelix have collected 8000 helmets! So hopefully, that will be soon!

To be continued … 

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