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3000 Supporters!

A huge thanks to all the supporters! Asterix & Obelix received already 3000 supporters! 
It’s a perfect timing because yesterday there was a pre-screening of the new live-action movie: Astérix et Obélix: L’Emplire du Milieu. This movie will officially premiere in cinemas on the 1st of February. In October the new comic book will be released and I am working on a LEGO version/recreation of the first teaser image of that comic. When it is finished, I will show it here in the updates. 

For now, I would like to show you an image that I use to promote my Asterix & Obelix project based on one of the first images that was released for the previous Asterix album Asterix and the Griffin (Astérix et le Griffon, 2021). This book was created by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad. Jean-Yves Ferri liked it very much, when I showed it to him in 2021.
This moc is not part of the project but I have used the characters that I have created for my Asterix & Obelix project. 

It is still 7000 supporters to go now but how cool would it be if Asterix & Obelix reach the next milestone of 5000 supporters at the beginning of February when the new movie comes out! In that case we need to take in a good portion of Panoramix’ magic potion! 

Please share it with everyone you know and ask them to rally behind our Gaulish heroes, Asterix & Obelix! Play Well Portugal shared the project in this cool blogspot, thank you vey much!

To be continued ...


More than 2500 Supporters!

Thank you everyone who have already supported Asterix & Obelix! Let’s get less than another 2500 supporters soon in order to reach then 3rd milestone of 5000 supporters. You can share this video with others and convince them to support our Gaulish heroes on LEGO IDEAS too. 

To be continued …


Invisible must be invincible!

Thanks to an observant and attentive reader of the description of the Asterix & Obelix project pointed it out to me that there is a little mistake in the text. Under Story it says:

The soldier has to capture the druid Panoramix. Because the druid's potion makes the Gauls invisible. 

The Gauls are never invisible! They are definitely not afraid to show themselves to the Romans when they have taken Panoramix magic potion. Of course, invisible should be the word: invincible

The Gauls are also often called the irreducible or indomitable Gauls.

Thank you for letting me know @CHerbie1962!

There is also something else that needs correction or a bit more explanation. The movie that I mention Astérix contra Caesar did not come out in 1986 but in 1985. Its original French name was Astérix et la Surprise de César. But in my country in the Netherlands, it came out one year later and was re-named as Asterix contra Caesar. Hence the little mistake.


The Golden Menhir – Le Menhir d’Or

In the previous update, I mentioned the secret cavern and hiding place of Assurancetourix’ Golden Menhir. In the honour of the reissued album Le Menhir d'Or from 1967 I have recreated the front cover of this book in LEGO. This book is not a comic book but a normal book with just some pictures. 

This is just a promotional picture for my new Asterix & Obelix project and is not part of the product idea itself besides, the alternative version of Assurancetourix. Note the different body print of the bard. To most of the fans, this is his current and best known outfit.
Let’s continue to support and share Asterix & Obelix! We are heading for the 2500 supporters now, let’s get there very soon!  
To be continued … 


The bridge and waterfall

When you are familiar with the Asterix comics, you know that’s there is a small stream running through the Gaulish village. The water comes from the forest and enters the settlement in a rapid. It is a small waterfall pouring its flowing waters down through and over the rocks into the village as the life source of the villagers. I recreated this in a small side build along with a bridge. This bridge is also present and it is often crossed by Asterix and Obelix to get to Panoramix’ place. His druid house is located next to the waterfall and in front of this bridge. Here is a better look at the bridge and its features. 
In the film Asterix et la Surprise de César from 1985, Idéfix has a funny meeting on the bridge with a frog. If you look closely, you can find the frog in the image above. I based this bridge on this scene. The rocks behind the wooden structure hide a little secret. It is the play function that I have built in. One can open a small secret cavern behind the waterfall. Assurancetourix has hidden his Golden Menhir there. This precious trophy is a small reference to the audiobook Astérix et le Menhir d’Or (1967). The story was reissued as a book again in 2020. Hidden treasures are always nice to have in a LEGO set, so I thought it just to be a good idea to include this play feature. After all, it is not only meant to be a display set for adults, it is also a play set for kids who love to play with LEGO and who love to come up with new Asterix & Obelix adventures. 
To be continued …


2000 Supporters!

Within 2,5 weeks, we gathered 2000 Roman helmets! I mean, 2000 supporters! A huge thanks to everyone who has supported Asterix & Obelix so far. 

Now it is time to have a closer look to the hay card of the cow merchant or in the original French: le marchand du boeuf. In the first Asterix book (Astérix le Gaulois, 1961), he has a bigger role than Obelix. But his name remains unknown. In the animated movie adaptation from 1967 he even sings a song. 
To have a driving vehicle in a LEGO set is always cool. Surely this one is different than the average LEGO car but it has a promising fun time building. The big bundle of hay can be pulled out of the cart if one likes to transport something or someone else with it. Under the merchant’s ‘wooden’ seat are three yellow technic 1L axle pins attached to the technic bricks, that can hold the hay bale. Here you can see how the hay bale can be removed or pushed in.

The hay bale itself contains a secret hiding place for Asterix. In the book, Asterix hides himself in the hay to get inside a Roman camp. One can lift up yellow hinge panel at the back of this hay bale and put a minifigure or secret cargo inside. 

The cart is pulled by two slow oxen … but let’s be honest, ‘le marchand du boeuf’ is a very slow guy too. 
But let’s not be slow with supporting Asterix! As he got in this Roman camp safely, let him and Obelix get to the 10K quickly. Still 3000 supporters to go to reach the 3rd milestone. 

To be continued …


The New Asterix & Obelix Movie Poster

Some days ago, the official Movie Poster of Astérix & Obélix: L’Empire du Milieu was released. Today the first full trailer came online! Fans of the worldwide famous Asterix comic books by Goscinny and Uderzo are looking forward to this movie that will be in theatres in February. 

I recreated another little poster with some favorite characters from the Asterix comics and films. In this image, I included some characters from my previous Asterix the Gaul project. I left them out of the current project.

The Roman soldier Scienficus was sent to the utmost borders of the Roman Empire, to Condatum. He got what he wished for: to get far in his career. A wild boar chased Centurion Caius Bonus (known from the very first Asterix comic) away. 

He is not to be confused with Julius Caesar by the way … But that’s a story for another time. 
First, let’s continue to support Asterix & Obelix and reach the next milestone of 5000 supporters before the movie comes out. That’d be cool! 

To be continued … 


A place to serve the magic potion or to roast wild boar

In the previous update, there is an image of the feast in which I show the campfire or loose fireplace with roast wild boar on the spit. This little side build can either be used for roasting boars or for serving Panoramix’ magic potion as you can see here in the picture. You can exchange the cauldron with the spit and the other way around just like it can be done at the fire place on the chimney panel. The side build contains a light brick that can be lit on the side of the build by an axle 3L pin with stop. The pin’s color is green so that it blends in with the rest of the build. 
In my very first Asterix the Gaul version I added a Lego pig to serve as a wild boar but … it’s LEGO Ideas, so people need to be challenged, right? Therefore, I have built a wild boar that is in scale with the minifigures. A challenge it was, but according to fans of this project, I managed to do it well. The buildable wild boar has become a fan favorite and I guess, it would be Obelix’ favorite as well! 

We are not yet there, so let’s continue to support Asterix & Obelix, so that Obelix might having a chance on getting a real LEGO wild boar! 
Thank you so much for already having more than 1500 supporters! Less than 8500 to go!

To be continued … 


Asterix & Obelix wish you a Happy New Year!

The Gauls have had a great New Year’s Eve and had a big feast with many roast wild boars to eat.  Every fan of Asterix & Obelix knows this famous scene at the end of every Asterix’ comic in which the Gauls are always celebrating the great adventure our heroes had.

There is also good reason to celebrate because the project has reach over the 1200 supporters. But we still have a long way to go! So, keep on sharing this Asterix & Obelix project with friends and family and ask them to support it too. I would really appreciate it because with all your support, these Gauls will reach the 10K and that is our wish and goal for 2023!
Thank you so much!

To be continued … 


1000 supporters! Thank you!

Asterix & Obelix have reached the second milestone of 1000 supporters! 
Let’s dive a bit into the tree and the dolmen side build. In the comics, the hut of Asterix has a tree to its left and basically this is that tree. It is possible to place the tree exactly on that same spot in front of the hut. But … I also made it for the druid Panoramix to get his ingredients for the magic potion. In the first Asterix comic, Asterix the Gaul (1961) and in Asterix and the Goths (1963), Panoramix has his own sacred tree, where he can get his mistletoe from. Besides the tree there are standing stones, the dolmen. The druid uses them to climb into the tree. For the druid’s golden sickle, I have used a Ninjago hook with bar this time because of its close resemblance to Panoramix’ sickle. 
Many fans of the project asked if the bard Assurancetourix (Cacofonix in the English version) could also be hanged from the tree. In my previous Asterix the Gaul entry, I already added an update with this possibility. By using the handcuffs, the chain with 5 links and the chain with 21 links, one is able to hang the minifigure on one of the tree branches.

Here is another image of the tree in which you can have a better look at the dolmen. This picture is based upon the Dutch movie poster of Asterix and the Big Fight (Astérix et le Coup du Menhir, 1989). In this animated movie, Prolix (Xynix) the soothsayer and Bondus, the Roman spy hidden in the tree trunk, play important parts, especially when it comes to Panoramix. They are his adversaries also in the comics. These two characters from the comics are so iconic to Asterix fans, so that I had to include them.

Let’s keep supporting and sharing this project and get it to the next milestone of 5000 supporters!

To be continued …

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