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Asterix and Obelix in the Middle Kingdom

I recently went to the cinema with my nieces and nephews to watch Astérix et Obélix: L’Empire du Milieu (Asterix and Obelix in the Middle Kingdom). It was such a nice movie full of action. All the kids were laughing, yes, kids! A lot of kids went to see it with their parents. As I said it before, Asterix & Obelix are still very popular, also among children. A whole new generation grows up with these Gaulish heroes! The movie and in the nearby future, the Netflix animation series, will only increase their popularity throughout and even outside Europe. Since Asterix went to China, also the Chinese might be very interested again in Asterix comics. 

Why do I write is? It is from a marketing point a view that I do so. I believe that an Asterix & Obelix LEGO IDEAS set will not only be very popular among the ‘older’ fans of Asterix and fans of LEGO but it will definitely also be wish list of the younger LEGO and Asterix fans or comic book fans in general. It is not true that Asterix is not worldwide renown, he is. It does not mean that if they don’t know him very well in the United States, that the theme is not popular enough. No, not at all. The rest of the world knows Asterix the Gaul and his best friend Obelix and the rest of the world include also children. So, would an Asterix LEGO set sell? Yes, it surely will!

Well then, let’s boost this project to the 10K! 2700 supporters to go! 
To be continued …


7000 Supporters!

7000 helmets obtained! A huge thanks to all the supporters who made this possible. We are ‘only’ 3000 votes away from the last milestone of 10K! 
I promised the supporters a surprise if Asterix & Obelix would reach 7K. Many fans were asking me for the tree house of Assurancetourix/Cacofonix, so here it is. I constructed it on the basis of the material from the Asterix comics. The interior is not often shown in the books, so that was a bit of guess. But it should have a bed, a chimney, a desk for writing music and a lot of music instruments!

Here we have Assurancetourix with his instruments. I also added the Carnyx, a traditional Celtic or Gaulic bronze trumpet in the shape of a wild boar. Sometimes our Gaulish Bard is seen with it like in Asterix and the Normans (Astérix et les Normands, 1966) and in the animated movie Astérix et le Surprise de César (1985), he takes it with him to battle. My LEGO version of Carnyx exists out of a 2L bar with stop ring that is at bottom connected with a candle flame (the mouth piece) and on the top it is connected with a plume feather (the boar head). These three pieces forming the Carnyx make the instrument minifigure scale and not too heavy.

Here is a closer look at hut and the roof. One could take the roof off and also a ‘wooden’ bar that rests upon two 1x2 jumper plates on both ends of the hut, in order to gain access to the hut more easily. 

In the image below you can see a helicopter view or should I say drone view.

The platform that mostly exists out of modified bricks 1x2 or 1x4 with log profile, rests upon the tree trunk that I have constructed in the same way as the tree of Panoramix from the Asterix & Obelix project. One can easily take the wooden platform from the tree because I used two technic axle 1L pins with friction ridges that stick out of the top of the tree for the connection with the platform, that holds two 1 x 2 technic bricks with axle hole in + shape.

Here is a better look at the chimney at the back of the hut. Assurancetourix can perform his songs there safely … unless someone like Abraracourcix cuts down his house. The chief did so in La Rose et le Glaive (1991), only then, our Bard was not at home. His hut was confiscated by a feminine bard, Maestria. 

Assurancetourix' hut is not part of the Asterix & Obelix project. It would exceed the allowed piece count of the whole build. I made this moc as an appreciation of all the support my project has been given so far and it is the fulfilment of the wish of many of the Asterix fans. Of course, if the LEGO IDEAS team chooses Asterix & Obelix to become a new LEGO IDEAS set, it is possible for them to use it as an alternative for let’s say the Oak Tree of Panoramix. However it will be, this is my treat to the fans of this Asterix & Obelix IDEAS project.

Anyway, we are not yet there! We still need to find the last 3000 supporters, so please share the project with everyone you know or just support it if you haven’t done so yet!

To be continued …


Almost 7000 Supporters!

Thank you everyone who have already supported my project! The 7000 lies within reach but … people need to support our Gaulish heroes to get the project there! Here is a short video that you can share in order to convince others to support Asterix & Obelix on LEGO IDEAS!

Give them a real boost on their way to 10K!
To be continued …


Easter Eggs from the Asterix comics

In Astérix chez les Bretons (Asterix in Britain), there is an image of Asterix’ hut that shows a display shelf. On this wooden shelf are items showcased that point back to the previous comic books: Asterix and Cleopatra, Asterix the Gladiator, Asterix and the Golden Sickle and Asterix and the Goths. I also included this display shelf but due to the small space I only included two souvenirs: a Roman helmet and a golden pyramid. This pyramid replaces the small sphinx statue from the comics. Surely it refers to Asterix’ visit to Egypt but it is also a little reference to the LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Gizah. Just to make the connection there between Asterix and LEGO … Asterix loves LEGO and hopefully LEGO loves Asterix too! 

The golden sickle is also present in the hut but on the chimney panel. It is hanging on the chimney wall. Or you can hang it from the mantelpiece. It can also be kept on top of the bookshelf opposite the chimney. 

The gift from the Roman Agent (from Asterix and the Roman Agent) could be build and placed in Asterix’ hut. And last but not least, there is Vercingetorix’ shield. He was the chieftain of the Gauls. In the very first Asterix comic he throws his weapons (including this shield) at the feet of Caesar. In Asterix and the Chieftain’s Shield, this shield appears to be in the possession of Abraracourcix, the leader of the village of Asterix and Obelix. It is the very shield the chief is being carried on. 

As Obelix likes to collect Roman helmets (as you can see in the upper image), I also like to collect supporters for Asterix & Obelix! We still need less than 3600 supporters to reach the last milestone!

To be continued ...


6000 supporters!

Thank you all for supporting Asterix & Obelix so enthusiastically! I am really grateful for that. And as I promised, I would show you a new image that is related to the new 40th Asterix comic book. The title of this new comic is still under wraps. The book is due to come out in October this year! I present to you my LEGO recreation/interpretation of the very first image of the upcoming jubilee volume:

Of course, I have used the hut and tree from my Asterix & Obelix project, so it is not exactly accurate. But I added madam Agecanonix and the arrangement of contents is the same. Credits for her torso design: Peter de Smet. I hope you like it! 
Now that our Gaulish heroes have mustered 6K supporters, they will continue with full confidence to the last milestone of 10K! When it’s at 7K, I am going to show you another picture of something many fans have been asking for. Let me be clear, it will not be an addition to the project because that would be altering the project, which is not allowed. 

To be continued …


A better look at the rooftop construction

Here is zoomed in picture of the rooftop. It gives a more detailed view on how it is built. In the previous update, I wrote that the roof rests on the bars that stick out of the wall and that I made the whole structure steadier by adding the plates (1x4, 2x4 and 4x4) in between the bars. Both roof panels are bend down by two hinge vehicle roof parts connected with two hinge plates (1x4). 

The same building technique is used for the other side of Asterix’ hut. 

Less than 4200 supporters to go! 

To be continued … 


A better look at a play feature at Asterix’ place

The cabin of Asterix also has a compartment or fenced place for the little pig or for the goat. Kids love the interaction between minifigures and animals. The Gaulish merchant can deliver straw with his cart for the pig or the goat. Or kids could play that Asterix needs to renovate his straw roof with the help of this other Gaulish friend who arrives with his hay cart. 

Here you can also have better a look at how the roof rests on the bars that stick out of the wall and how I made it more steady by adding the plates (1x4, 2x4 and 4x4) in between the bars. 

Asterix & Obelix have collected almost 5700 helmets … supporters so they are not yet there! 

To be continued … 


The Asterix hut panels

Let’s have a better look at the Asterix’ hut panels. Both sides of the hut can be knit together with technic axle pin. 

But it is also possible to display both sides as two different facades as it were two different houses. In this way it also increases the playability of the set.

In the following updates, I will show new pictures of Asterix’ hut. Keep sharing and supporting Asterix & Obelix so that we could reach the 10K as soon as possible!

To be continued … 


Falbala & Obelix

Fans of Asterix and fans of this project wondered, why is there no Falbala included? Well, I already explained this a previous update but … in another update I definitely included her. Perhaps many did not recognize her because I based the minifigure on the Falbala character played by Laetitia Casta in the very first Asterix live action movie Astérix et Obélix contre César (1999). In this movie, Falbala was all dressed in brown and did not wear the well-known blue and white dress as she does in the comics. 

With the help of Peter de Smet, I created a more recognizable Falbala. 

In Astérix Légionnaire (1967), Obelix has a crush on this niece of Abraracourcix and this album formed also the base for the 1985 animated movie Astérix et le Surprise de César.

But in that same comic book, it becomes clear that she is engaged with Tragicomix. Asterix and Obelix have to go to Northern Africa to save him from the hands of Scipio, the Roman adversary of Julius Caesar.  

Here I have a different version of Tragicomix inserted.

We are not there yet! Still 4700 supporters to go, so if you have not supported Asterix & Obelix yet, hit that SUPPORT button, leave a comment and share the link with others! Thank you very much in advance. 

To be continued ...


5K! A huge thanks to all the supporters!

Asterix & Obelix reached the 3rd milestone of 5000 supporters! Thank you very much. We are very happy and excited to go towards the 10K now. Let’s make it happen. Share the link with others and ask them to vote as well. 
To celebrate this moment, I like to show you my recreation of the cover of the first Asterix comic book from 1960: Astérix le Gaulois – Asterix the Gaul:

And here is the English version:

Hopefully we will reach the 6K soon … and as I promised, if ... hopefully when that happens, I will show a new image that is related to the new 40th Asterix volume! 
To be continued …

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