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This project is based upon the comic series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. My initial Asterix The Gaul project had its origins in their following books: Astérix le Gaulois (1961) and Le Combat des Chefs (1963) and on the movie adaptations Astérix contra Caesar (1986) and Astérix & Obélix contre César (1999). But eventually I took inspiration from all the comic books and movies ... the good news is that in 2023 there will be a new film coming out: Astérix & Obélix et L'Empire du Milieu and a new comic album (based on the movie)! In 2024 there is going to be a new Asterix and Obelix animation mini series so I changed the project title from Asterix the Gaul to Asterix & Obelix! Because they are each other's best friends and the one cannot live without the other!

Since I was a child, I am a fan of Lego and of Asterix & Obelix. So one and one is two! Here is a combination of both of my favorites: Lego Asterix & Obelix! For this dream to come true, we ask 10 000 supporters to come forth. This project was made possible with the incredible work of Rolf Smit (picture design), Peter de Smet (print design for some of the minifigures) and Péter Szalay (print design for the new Idéfix). Here follows a description of the Asterix & Obelix Lego Ideas project.

A Roman spy Bondus is sent to the forest close to the village of Asterix and Obelix. The soldier has to capture the druid Panoramix. Because the druid's potion makes the Gauls invisible. The old and wise Panoramix often goes into the forest to find some ingredients for the magic potion. He is interested to find mistletoe in particular. Can you help Asterix and Obelix to avoid Panoramix from being captured?  

Playing the story
The Roman spy Bondus (known from Asterix & The Big Fight) can silently wait in a tree trunk close to the tree where the druid Panoramix usually looks for his mistletoe. Can you help Panoramix with his golden sickle to get this very important ingredient for the magic potion?

When the Roman spy with the aid of Gaulish bad guy Xynix succeeds in capturing Panoramix, Asterix has to go to the Roman camp Petibonum. To get in there secretly, he can use the help of the friendly ox merchant (le marchand du boeuf from the first comic: Asterix the Gaul). It is possible to hide our Gaulish hero Asterix in the bundle of hay that the merchant carries on his cart.

Obelix can deliver a menhir to anyone who has ordered one. I made possible to attach a menhir on his buildable body. There are also alternative, normal legs for Obelix in order to make him sit or to pose him. He can be accompanied by his pet dog: Idéfix. Or Idéfix can join Obelix on the hunt for a wild boar close to the dolmen (standing stone at tree). The wild boar is a small buildable animal. By the way, Idéfix can be easily distracted when he goes home with Obelix over the bridge because there is an interesting frog watching him from the little stream that runs through the village.

Asterix can invite his best friend Obelix, Panoramix, Idéfix and other Gaulish friends at his house to eat roasted wild boar with baguette and croissant as side dishes (just little winks to the country of Asterix' origins: France). You can lit the fire in the chimney. Don't forget to run the spit from time to time in order to get Obelix' next meal ready! Make sure to leave a bone or more for Idéfix! The Gauls can also eat outside. One can remove the table and the seats from the hut and place them in front of the lawn. It is also possible to roast the wild boar above a bonfire that could be lit up as well.

When entering the hut, look to your right and you will see a wooden tray with some nice items that are reminiscent of Asterix' travels to Egypt and Rome.

Panoramix is albe to prepare his magic potion in the house, in the fireplace under the chimney. He can serve his magic potion to Asterix there or he can serve it outside also to other Gauls. But remember: Obelix can't have anything of it because when he was a baby, he fell into the cauldron full of magic potion! He will most likely stand in line and try to get it anyway...

Asterix, Obelix and Idéfix can also meet a Roman patrol in the forest. It only means one thing! Ils sont fous des Romains! Weird guys those Romans! There will be a fight and Obelix can collect their helmets as souvenirs.

Basic idea
The hut of Asterix and the hut of Obelix are the main builds of this set idea. These huts are based upon the designs of the late Albert Uderzo. Asterix' hut was present from the start of his great adventures but Obelix' house had a late appearance in the comic series. Both houses are accompanied by some set pieces to make the surroundings of the buildings complete. These smaller builds add more nature and color to this product idea. It breathes the atmosphere of the Gaulish world Goscinny and Uderzo have created. All builds put together gives the Lego fan a piece of a world of Asterix in his or her own home.

In orde to get more space to play with the minifigures in the huts, I have created the hut out of two parts. Asterix' hut has a front panel, a back panel and an inside or chimney panel. One could put the front and back panel together to close the house for display purposes or one could slide away the back panel en move the chimney panel behind the front panel for play purposes. Obelix' hut exists out of two parts, the front and the back and those can be clicked together with a technic pin.

Furthermore, there are an oak tree and a dolmen of Panoramix, a hay cart of the merchant with hiding place, a little pool with a small waterfall and bridge with an interesting treasure that belongs to Assurancetourix, the bard, and the bonfire either for serving the magic potion or for roasting a wild boar.

A set like this needs at least Asterix, Obelix, Panoramix (his original 'French' name, the English version is 'Getafix'), the ox merchant, the fishmonger Ordalfabetix, Xynix the soothsayer and the spy Bondus, the iconic Roman legionnaire in a tree trunk.

Would you rally behind our Gaulish heroes Asterix & Obelix?
This Lego Idea is still an idea and 10 000 supporters are necessary to turn this idea into a real Lego Asterix & Obelix set. It would be a must have for everyone who loves Asterix and Obelix: for those that are fan since the 60ties and for a whole new generation of fans! For kids it would be a great set to build and to play with. Let their imagination flow, enough stories to come up with! Asterix & Obelix are well known all over the world. The comics have been translated into more than 100 languages! When the new movie comes out in 2023 and the animation series in 2024, I am sure, also every Lego fan would like to have a Lego Asterix & Obelix set. So if you think, Yes! This should become a new LEGO IDEAS product, please take in your magic potion and hit the support button! And leave as many helmets ... comments as possible!

Thank you! 

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