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Groc's: The Grocery Store


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Groc's, the grocery store, is the latest addition to the Pizzburg city (have a look at my other projects if you don't know what I'm talking about).
I tried to keep the vintage feeling I like; something between the 50's and 70's, with a slight modern touch.
OK, I agree; that sounds confused...

Anyway, my aim is to create sets as displayable as playable. And I rather like this one.
It features:
  • An ice cream container,
  • Shopping carts,
  • A large trashcan,
  • A public phone,
  • An ATM.
  • Many things... like: drinks, pizzas, ice creams, soups, vegetables... like in a grocery store.

The set also proposes a station wagon, with plenty of space to put the groceries.
It also contains interesting while completely useless features:
  • The leaning speed limit sign. Did you notice how often these kind of signs are leaning? So this one is leaning to add realism. Please note that I built this with real Lego and it is quite stable.
  • A water grate in the pavement with a real hole under it, so that it could really drain water.
Yes, this is useless, but you've been warned.

Less than 1,600 parts for this wonderful set.

If you like this set, please support it and don't forget to check Pizzurg's other buildings still gathering support on my profile page (the gas station, the bus station, and also the garbage truck, the fire truck and the trailer).

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