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American Fire Truck


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After the American Garbage Truck, here is the American Fire Truck.
OK, OK; you can already check one star (it's not possible to check zero star) in the originality section.
But I tried to make this set different from the various firetruck sets LEGO has released in the past.

First, it had to look nice and realistic, so that an AFOL would want it for his LEGO City or just for display.
Secondly, it would have to be playable, so that kids could also want it to play with.
It should be minifigure scaled, so that it can be used alongside other LEGO buildings and vehicles.

So here it is:
There is a large cabin for the firemen, multiple storage in the back to put all the equipment, a large expandable and rotating ladder, four stabilizers and, of course, a long hose to extinguish fires.
The hose comes in four parts, kept in the rear of the truck, under the storage, and can be connected to form a long hose. I think that's about it.

If you like it, please support.
PS: this is probably not a very good timing to release an idea, but I hope I'll gather at least 100 supports.

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