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American Garbage Truck


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As the title says, this is an American garbage truck.
The truck is minifig scaled so that it fits nicely in any Lego city, like Pizzburg, for instance (check my other submissions if you have no idea what I'm talking about) and for playability, because kids might want to play with it too.
The set features 3 garbage men, 3 trashcans and, of course, a garbage truck.
You can empty the trashcans in the truck by actioning the yellow lever on the rear.
You can empty the truck by lifting the cart.
The set has about 420 parts.
I'm always amazed by the style of these American trucks, as compared to the ones we have in Europe, so I tried to do my best to recreate this on a minifig scale... and I'm pretty proud of the result.
I hope you'll like it too and are willing to buy one for your own Lego city. You know what you have to do: SUPPORT!
Thanks in advance.

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