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Miniature Train Set 3


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How it all came together:

(NOTE: This description is longer than my usual descriptions for my projects.) For a while, LEGO Ideas users, such as yukonqueen19012, have given me a suggestion on how to make my models more presentable: rendering. At one time, I did have a rendering program that did its job, but took forever to make an image. Shortly afterward, I deleted the program because my sister said it didn't look legitimate.

Months later, ArmoredBricks gave me a suggestion on my Calvin and Hobbes project to use a program called Mecabricks to render my LDD models. I was interested in the idea, but was still hesitant about revisiting rendering after my previous experience. I used Mecabricks, for a while, only to take detailed snapshots of my LDD models, but not renders.

When I came back to LEGO Ideas after my October hiatus, I decided to finally sign up onto Mecabricks. After doing some rendering tests on my models, I thought of my previous Miniature Train Set project. (Also see Miniature Train Set 2.) I thought, "Hey! I should render this project and put an image of the render in an update." But then, I though, "Wait a moment...why not build a new Miniature Train Set project all together?" Well, folks, as for the rest of the story...this is it!

Project description:

This project is 709 pieces. Included in this set is six trees, three locomotives, four rail cars, two bridges, a switch-section, and ten 2x2x3 bricks for more track-building possibilities. As far as tracks go, there are eight curve-sections, twelve straight-sections (+two for the switch-track), and four incline-sections.

As far as functioning goes, the switch-section does exactly what it sounds like it should; it switches trains from one track to another. The bridges act as two 2x2x3 bricks in a row, and the trees are just aesthetics to make the layout pop out.

The passenger train on the train table is completely new, as well as the two ore-cars being trailed by the yellow locomotive. However, the yellow locomotive, the steam locomotive, and the white boxcar are old designs. The yellow locomotive from Miniature Train Set [1] now has a wider hood. The steam locomotive from Miniature Train Set 2 is now a tank engine. Lastly, the boxcar from Miniature Train Set [1] is just a recolor, so there's nothing new there. Oh! And the trees are the same exact builds from the previous Miniature Train Sets.


Thank you all so much for supporting and viewing this project! So, do you think I should show a different track layout? Should I build the switch-section longer so longer trains can fit on it? Please, feel free to give me suggestions and opinions of this project in the comments section above. Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Built by Joseph cheeseinthepie on November 8th, 2019. Submitted on November 10th, 2019. 

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