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Miniature Train Set 2


This is a sequel to my previous project called Miniature Train Set. Though this train set is bigger than its predecessor, it doesn't offer as many display elements. Despite this, there is one big element that changes the way this set plays.

The Miniature Train Set 2 project is 431 pieces. It includes two locomotives, three rail cars, four trees, sixteen track segments, and a track switching section. The latter element is the main object of play in this set. If you take a look at the images, this track switching section slides back and forth to allow trains to be able to enter into the shed area.

Alright, so the "shed area" really doesn't contain a shed, but it's pretty close. Aanchir suggested this idea of introducing a shed into the LEGO Miniature Train Set series. He suggested many other things too, and I should totally try them out in the future!

Thanks for looking at this project, everyone! Have a great day, and take care. Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 3/4/2019

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