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BrickHeadz Calvin and Hobbes


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Model requested by 23edsalln.

The night before, on January 10th, I built these BrickHeadz versions of the beloved comic strip characters, Calvin and Hobbes.

I met some challenges along the way, but I conqured each one as best I could.

This project has a total of 205 pieces. Calvin (on the left) is 95 pieces. Building his hair was a little hard, but after trying a few designs, things began to become easy.

Hobbes (on the right) is 110 pieces. There were two hard features on Hobbes that were hard to replicate: the tail, and the head. The tail was hard at first, but was easy once I saw that it wasn't so bad. His head was the same situation, but it took longer than the tail.

If you want to download this model on your LEGO Digital Designer program at home, click right here.

Have a good day! If this model stands for improvement, please tell me what can be done. Also, tell me what you think of the overall thing. By cheesy. 1/11/2018

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