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Disney Wonder, Magic, Fantasy or Dream Cruise Ships


Not sure if I'll repost

It's kinda stressful to watch a project for a year and a half, but it did way better than last time!  I might repost with a lower part count to make their new limits.


Are there plans?

I don't have plans for the Lego Wonder, believe it or not.  She was built pretty much all freehand.  Check out the blog​ for info about HOW we built the ship, and​ has a lot of photos that show the details.  Presumably that could be a great help to someone sufficiently determined to build a replica (if someone does make a copy, I'd appreciate being credited).


Reposted the Mini Wonder

Please support the updated Mini Lego Wonder as well!  When it gets to 100, I'll add instructions to the Mini Wonder.  I'm hoping it gives the big one a little boost :)  So if you want the big one to make 5K, everyone voting for the little one might help!




Another, more historical, ship you might want to support


rh1985moc posted the Britannic

This is actually interesting in the context of the Disney Cruise Ships.  Modern cruise ships differ in construction from the classic ships, but Disney wanted to regain some of that classic look in their ships, so the did several things that allude to the liners of the Titanic/Britannic era.

  • Multiple stacks - modern ships tend to have a single stack, but Disney wanted a more classic look and added the forward stack.  It's actually a faux stack, with holes to allow the wind through.  Additionally, it isn't as tall as the "real" rear stack because airflow disrupted the exhaust in wind tunnel studies and would have caused fumes on the back decks.  That would've made the buffet less attractive for sure!  You can see this in my main photo where the Lego ship was photoshopped onto the real ship, so there's only smoke from the rear stack.
  • Classic liners have lifeboats along the top deck.  Modern ships have them much lower, about midway up.  To retain the classic feel, Disney provided a rounded bay on the top deck above each boat to reflect the feel of those classic ships.
  • Many modern ships are white, but the very dark blue hull of the Disney ships invokes the colors of a classic ship

There are, of course, many aspects of the Disney ships that are more modern, but I think they did a good job at capturing the spirit of what they were looking for (Disney's good at that sort of thing.)


Disney Microscale needs your help to get the 5K extension!

This really cool microscale needs only 85 more supporters to get the 5K extension, go help them out, we all love Disney, right?


Cool Chinese Dragon

Here's a really cool MOC in time for the Chinese New Year - this project could use help getting to the 1K extension! 


Please consider Following!!! (& sharing)

"Last time" we didn't make it :(  But we're doing much better this time around.  It might be worth a third attempt.  So please make sure you follow so that if it has to get reposted that you'll get notified!


About 23% of the way there, keep sharing!

We still have a chance, though we need to get our daily supporter rate up a bit to get to the 5k extension.  I'm hoping that as we get closer it might get a little more traction, but this is still going to be tough.


There's a Stitch Idea :)

Well, by now everyone's probably seen the Stitch Lego Ideas project, but if not, go check it out! 

Stitch stopped by when we build the Lego Disney Wonder, we love Stitch!

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