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Scooby-Doo! And the Ravenwood Mansion

Hi everyone,

NOTE: I could not get the original figures into the computer program for the mystery gang. The figures in the shots are not my new proposal for a replacement, just look alikes.
The figures on the first photo where they are all lined up is the accurate figure selection. Those are the original mystery incorperated figures.
This also leads to maybe some inconsistancy where I have had to use photoshop to get the right figure in and might have missed something somewhere. Please ignore if a figure looks a little off somewhere!

This is my second entry for the lego ideas, this time I bring you a set with a very familiar brand/IP. Scooby-Doo and the mystery incorporated!
This is a series that I have a very deep love for since I was a kid. I always had a CD-player with me on trips with the animated movies. I always tried to catch the animated series on cartoon network after school. Scooby-Doo was a big part of my childhood and even my parents watched them when they were small (here in Sweden they broadcasted scooby doo around christmas every year back in their days). 
This is an IP lego have already made some sets on, but this time I wanted to explore a way to incorporate a play set and display set. Because most of the old sets were more aimed towards the play set style. Since both kids and adults have memories of Scooby-doo, I wanted to make this set somewhat appealing to both! A set that kids can play with and adults can have as a pretty display on the shelf.
This is also why the set has some advanced building teqniques but also some more simple ones. I think it would be a very nice set that a parent and kid could build and enjoy together. Both the building process and the display and playability after it is built!

I also tried to make this set more interesting from my last submission (the modular library). Most feedback on the more critical side was about the rooftop being very symmetrical/ a little boring because of the repetitive-ness it had. So this time the whole building is very asymmetrical and alot more interesting (in my opinion at least).  
Usually the mystery gang go to different haunted castles and big houses, so I wanted to stay true to that but at the same time make a little twist on it. So in the end this became a combination of a castle, mansion & medieval house style. I really like the aesthetic of the house and I think it really comes across as an old mansion mostly, definitely a haunted one for the mystery gang to visit! I think the overgrown rosebush that climbed up the wall really adds to this feel. I am very pleased with how it looks since it grows across multiple sides but really feels like it connects well across the corners.
I also made it very thin, like an old doll-house style, to be able to add the width and height I wanted without it getting too big. This way you can still get your fingers in between the floors to pose the figures and play around with them, but also have it thin enough to fit on shelves for display. The loose tree is also a little detail I like to have moveable. It allows for a little touch of customisation and you can place it on the side to keep it thin, or more in front if you want it to seem bigger and deeper. It also adds to the more scary and haunted vibe, especially with the tomb statue. 

In terms of structure I think there is no issue. I tried to line up the walls to go ontop of eachother or close to for strong vertical support. The flooring is also reinforced with juse 1 stud wide plates at the end to creat the illusion of the thicknesss of the floor but also make it less likely to bend if lifted up. The thin-ness of the building also helps to keep it very stable.
The roof uses legit teqniques to be able to come together very nicely without big gaps. So it really looks like one big roof, which is one detail that I am very pleased with in the end result. I also like the play features, especially the rotating fireplace with a hidden opening. It really fits the vibe in my opinion.
All the vines on the outside has studs throughout where they grow to attach to on the building so they really stays on, even if played with.

I hope this set is good looking or exciting enough for your support! It would mean a lot to me because of how big of a childhood memory the mystery gang is for me. If I forgot to mention something, check the updates tab if there are any. Until we meet again,

have a nice day,

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