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LEGO Robin Hood


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Welcome, friend, to a world of chivalry, fantasy and legend. The world of the outlaw Robin Hood. Do you like castles and forests? Outlaws and knights? Treasures and traps? If the answer is YES, don't hesitate. Support!

For a fun Robin Hood adventure, and more details on the project and its functions, watch the short video above.


Its 1294, in Sherwood forest. The Sheriff of Nottingham is tired of this mysterious band of outlaws, and their leader, Robin Hood. As much as the Sheriff tries to tax the poor, the money is always stolen back. As the Sheriff's knights, and Robin's Merry Men clash, it is up to YOU to decide what happens.

This set comes with two models – the Sheriffs castle, and the Outlaws hideout – and seven minifigures to play in the scenes. Built in a modular style the two models open up, not only to allow play inside, but to extend the scenes. The castle has five main rooms: a throne room, a banquet hall, an armoury, a dungeon and a treasury. The forest hideout has four sections: a piece of forest and stream bordering the road, the camp-fire, the storage cave behind a waterfall and a lookout post.


This model is made from 2,307 pieces (I built a digital model on LDD to check).


There are tonnes of fun functions and traps throughout both models. Here's a list of them:

In the forest hideout:

  • A net trap (released at the press of a button)

  • A falling branch (activated by pulling a twig)

  • A twisting tree to hide and uncover the path to the hideout

In the castle:

  • A sliding throne to reveal hidden treasure

  • A trapdoor into the dungeon

  • A collapsible section of wall

  • An unlocking door

Further detail of these functions can be seen in the video above!!


I've always been fascinated and captivated by the Robin Hood legend, and now, after a whole year of hard work, have finally brought it to life in LEGO bricks. I really think that Robin Hood would make a wonderful LEGO set. Its a universal adventure theme, and brings in castles as a sideline, which will excite a huge number of fans. That said, this model wasn't at all made to continue the LEGO Castle theme, but as a stand alone set – as LEGO Ideas sets are meant to be. However, fans will still be greatly pleased to have a model with a castle in.

In the building of this model, I have focused a lot on making this a great set for all ages. It is detailed, a challenging build, and looks amazing. But on top of this I have put great effort into making this a fun model for kids. There is loads of functions that would make it great to play with, and I have made the scenes accessible, for greater enjoyment.


Thank you so much for your support! Please please share with your friends and family to make this a real LEGO set! Feel free to share ideas and constructive criticism in the comments above!

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