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LEGO Chameleon Project


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This model is a highly detailed, realistic representation of a Cape Dwarf Chameleon. It is around 4 times the size of a real one, and in it I have tried to include all the features of a Cape Dwarf Chameleon, from its long, sticky tongue to catch (very suprised) flies, all the way down to its prehencile tail. The chameleon sits on a lifelike tree branch that is based on a sturdy display stand.


I estimate that this model has around about 1200 parts


The aim of this product Idea is to have a fun realistic model that children and adults alike can build to learn more about the natural environment around them. I think that it would be really good for LEGO to have more models that focus on nature and the environment.


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Hope you've enjoyed! Please feel free to share any comments/constructive criticism! ;-D

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