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Modular Eagles


Bye bye IDEAS, welcome DRAGON'S DOMAIN …

Unfortunately, we didn't succeed in making this a real one, LEGO will not produce this kit for your happiness and mine.
However you can get some bricks by your own means and try to reproduce my work. So, I decided to offer you one of my LDD file to help, but please note that the side pods have a different structure, I invite you to follow my instruction given in the first 100 supporters' bonus, edited below.

Meanwhile, I had improve my engine design and create other modules. This project will not end and a new version of building instructions is on his way. I will post my updates on my Flickr account, on Eurobricks and Eagletransporter forums.

For the impatient ones, you may find the LDD file on Moc-pages or by clicking directly on the picture above.

Thanks for all your supports. 
It's clear for me now that I have to find other means for sharing with other my pleasure to built differently than through official Lego sets.




It's time to put all parts together.
With this new step you may find your building experience very delightful or fulfilled. Personally I love this step.

Thanks for supporting and following. ☆★☆(K_A)☆★☆


People are talking about this. #3

Thanks to Michael Klein and his talent, a German 3D pioneer specialized on rendering digital LEGO®. 
His work is quite impressive and you should see it at RENDERBRICKS
After fell in love with this eagle, he asked me the original LDD file for helping me to promote this project.
I post below one of his render, so realistic... thank you again Michael, you did a very good job.

Thanks  for supporting. ☆★☆(K_A)☆★☆



For more accurate transposition of the original model, I post some views of parts with monochrome printings.
The command module has two symmetrically printed slops with the Moonbase Alpha Crest seen below and the passenger pod gets four identical tiles 1x2 for "decoration", some additional tiles 2x4 with printed windows are added too.
But most importantly, bricks 2x2 with angle from the side pods have its exact black patterns around the maneuvering rockets.

Thanks for supporting and following. ☆★☆(K_A)☆★☆



With these steps you will be able to build the aft compartment of the eagle.
It seems identical to the service module part but it's not.

Thanks for supporting and following. ☆★☆(K_A)☆★☆


People are talking about this. #2

I would like to thank the Space:1999 Community on Facebook.
Especially the SPACE1999SERIES page which during past weeks, unstintingly communicates and supports this proposal.

Thank you guys, I love you all. ☆★☆(K_A)☆★☆


SPACE:1999 UNIVERS - LOG #04 - The 13th September 1999

Today is the 17th anniversary of the " September thirteen, nineteen ninety nine", let me remember you :

"The totally unforeseen accident on the lunar surface has caused very serious repercussions here on Earth. The gravity disruption, the earthquakes in the United States along the San Andres fault, and in Yugoslavia, as well as Southern France, has caused enormous damage to life and property. The International Lunar Commission, with it's new chairman, is in executive conference at this moment, deciding what steps might be taken to rescue the three hundred and eleven men and women on Moonbase Alpha. Little hope is held, however, that there are any survivors. For a short time it was thought a rescue might have been attempted from the Space Dock, until that too was hurled out of orbit. It has now been established that the Moon's acceleration away from Earth has put it beyond the reach of any Earth launch."


SPACE:1999 UNIVERS - LOG #03 - The Moonbase Alpha Crest

The official Moonbase symbol. Used to identify all Alpha crafts, also seen on clothing such as jackets, space suits and recreational playsuits, this patch may be used by all Alpha personnel and is kept with great pride by those who have finished their tours of duty on the Moonbase.

White background with navy letters. The center has a dark blue background, black and white Moon and Earth facing each other encircled with yellow and orange orbit patterns, a black bold stroke symbolizing the international station around Earth. The trapezoid shape is a key Alpha symbol. Note that storage boxes on Eagles are fashioned from this shape to identify their origin.

A second monochrome blue version is generally seen on miniatures of Eagle for greater clarity purposes. This option should be chosen for the printing of Lego parts.

Close view of a Eagle nose with the Moonbase Alpha Crest.

Inside view of the transporter pod with a security officer, characterized by its purple arm, carrying a storage box.
© - ITV Studios



With these steps you will be able to build the service module part of the eagle.

It is thanks to all of you that we managed to get the extra time of 182 days and this is only the beginning; we have a long way to go yet. 
Thanks again for supporting and following .☆★☆(K_A)☆★☆


SPACE:1999 UNIVERS - LOG #02 - The IRC Flag

Seen on space suits and moonbuggies as a patch, this flag isn't a rainbow one. Called IRC flag, this acronym stands for INTERSPACE RESEARCH COMMISSION.
Upper black block in the left represents galaxies known and unknown and multi-color stripes of colors signify the Commission's wide spectrum of interests and research capacities.

I picked this one and not the MoonBase Alpha logo to be representative of the main purpose or "raison d'être" for humans to be on Moon. 
If you remember the first arrival of Koenig in episode one, his mission before the great event, was to supervise the most important space journey in the history of man: the launch of a probe into deep space to explore the rogue planet Meta which has broken away from a distant galaxy and is now closer to Earth's solar system. 

And above all interests, some identifiable signals have come from this planet, indicating a high form of life...

Inside the command module with pilot in suit on which you can see the IRC flag.
© - ITV Studios

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