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Orient Express Thriller!


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Oh no! There's a Mummy on the Orient Express! Join dashing, adventurous Arthur Rutledge as he travels across Europe with several priceless artifacts to be delivered to the Louvre Museum in Paris. But be careful, his evil nemesis Cad Goldwater is also aboard, and will stop at nothing to acquire the relics. Will Rutledge be successful, or will the Orient Express be stopped by the nefarious plans of Cad? It's up to you! 

*DISCLAIMER* The model presented here, while as complete as I can make it, will NOT be the exact final product should this make it through the Ideas process! Be aware that parts can be changed, rearranged, and redesigned according to The LEGO Group's professional design standards. The above video showing this project coupled with Power Functions represents the best of the trial runs, which may be different from the way the model moves if it makes it through. 

Set Features: 

- Approximately 2000 parts

- 20 Track pieces, including 12 curved tracks and 8 straight pieces, as well as 1 vehicle crossing. 

- Power Functions motor built into the passenger coach and tender to help it go. 

- Includes 8 Minifigures: Dr. Arthur Rutledge, Mummy, Cad Goldwater, Jazz Singer, Princess Dragomiroff and French Bulldog, Chef, Engineer, and Bonus Minifigure Detective Hercule Poirot! Make your own storyline! You can use Dr. Rutledge for an exciting Mummy caper, or solve puzzling mysteries with Poirot aboard the fantastic Orient Express! 

- Passenger Coach features 5 seats, fully opening doors, and a removable roof for increased playability. 

- Dining Coach features 4 seats, 2 tables with ornate lamps, and a small kitchen for the Chef to create world-class food. 

- Tender features hidden treasure compartment! Stash the sarcophagus there to prevent Cad from getting it!

- Remove one of the tables in the dining coach to make room for the Jazz Singer! After all, passengers need entertainment, right? 

- Features rare and interesting pieces like the Gold Ornamental Fish! 

- Includes large locomotive, tender with room for the removable Power Functions, two coaches, track, and all the accessories :) 

- Set can be made compatible with electric lights! (See above video for test footage of track movement) 

I have always loved trains,and especially fell in love with the concept of the Orient Express after watching the Doctor Who episode Mummy on the Orient Express. This model design is loosely based on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, a luxury train that runs from Venice to Paris, especially the coach livery. The engine is also based on the great Pacific Class locomotives similar to the Emerald Night or the Flying Scotsman. This model makes both a great display piece and a model to run with your other trains!

- The original model for this concept was submitted on New Year's 2016, so this is a resubmission. Let's see it travel faster and farther than its predecessor! -

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