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The Oraculum Temple


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Ascend the grand staircase atop a faraway mountain to the Oraculum Temple! Graced with cherry and cyprus trees, and tiled with all the colors known to minifig-kind, this beautiful model features: 

- Three distinct styles of columns! Small, thin columns adorn the tholos, the rounded Greek-style temples found on the top and bottom of the mountain. Multicolored Roman-style columns support the main building, and the staircase is held up by yet another brick-built style! 

- Model features 2, 471 pieces 

- 7 Minifigures included! Caretaker, 2 Handmaidens, Fountain Statue, Winged Statue, Tholos Statue, and Oraculum inside 

- Check out all the interesting small details! The standalone column hidden behind the cyprus tree, the small fountain with frogs and lily pads, the burbling rockfall fountain underneath the grand staircase, and the multiple shades of blue tiles inside that never seem to have the same color next to each other. 

- Three different styles of trees included! Cyprus trees frame the base of the mountain, while high above two graceful blossoming cherry trees stand on either side of the main building. A solitary olive tree hides off to the side. 

- Perfectly rounded staircase leads visitors to the very top of the mountain! 

- Endless opportunities for creative building techniques and open play. 

- Great for those who love Mythology or Ancient History, with tons of fanciful elements and architectural details. 

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