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The Glacier Falls Lodge


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The Castle of the LEGO Rockies, the Glacier Falls Lodge has everything for your minifigures’ dream vacation! Just a short tour bus ride away from Brickler Mountain National Park, this set is sure to provide your minifigures with a fantastic 5 star experience.

This is a resubmission of the first set I submitted to LEGO Ideas. Five years in the making, the idea came about while evacuating from a summer forest fire, while lugging a bunch of bricks around!  After 6 or 7 iterations, four downsizes, and two submissions, the best looking build emerged to be presented for you! Ultimately The LEGO Group would set the brick count, sizing, and overall design, as well as modifications, but I aim to present the most compact model that I can.

*DISCLAIMER* The model presented here, while as complete as I can make it, will NOT be the exact final product should this make it through the Ideas process! Be aware that parts can be changed, rearranged, and redesigned according to professional design standards. 

Set features include: 

  • Detailed façade with a wrap-around porch, clock tower, and two smaller detailed towers!
  • Open Back Style Build allows for easy access to the ground and second floors. 
  • Open second floor plan allows for many choices for interior building!
  • This set includes many unique parts, including wheel decorations over the windows, a clock piece, and the façade above the porch entrance.
  • The Glacier Falls Lodge measures 24” high, 18.75” wide, and 8.25” deep.
  • Set contains 2,994 pieces
  • Detailed interior design and furniture with kitchen, full living room, bathroom, and master bedroom with unique spiral staircase! 
  • Hide the side door with the Grandfather Clock as a secret passage!

But don’t let this model just be a vacation lodge! Rearrange the interior or entire build to turn it into a Victorian mansion for your modular street, a dollhouse, or a display model. Add decorations to make the perfect Winter Village compatible set. I've included a picture of a potential winterized version, complete with decorations and icicles. It also provides a large amount of building parts that can be used for your own creations. Perfect for adults and kids alike!

Now that you're here, please support this project! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dog! On second thought, hold that last part. Do you want this model on your shelf at home? Then it’s the time to get out there and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 

If you have comments or suggestions please leave them, and thank you for your consideration!

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