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Homage To LEGO 4551

4551 was an outstanding loco representing one of the greatest LEGO product lines off all times! Man, these sets from the early 9 V-era, still trigger the biggest trauma of my childhood: Imagine you enter the train theme with the last sets of 12 V and then this new stuff kicks in. Most of the locos were based on real world engines, like 4551. It is easy to see that it is based on an DB E94/194 (German crocodile) in a colour scheme close to the late Austrian variant (ÖBB 1020).

Before Christmas, I found some time to carry out a mayor update on my E94. With this loco everything started 7 years ago (rise of dark age). Now we come to the 6th version. As you can see, I switched to a conventional drivetrain, which I tested in her Swiss sister and which is leading us straight ahead to the biggest change: L-sized wheels. All axles are powered by two PFL Motors hidden in the noses. Third and Fourth axle are blind. Inside the cabin, there is enough space for an AAA-PF- battery box. YES, she can negotiate R40 curves and switches.

Early this morning, a nice idea found its way up from the deeper dungeons of my so-called big brain and cracked the surface. Why not apply the colour scheme of 4551 to my pro-interpretation of the German crocodile to honour these sets from the early 9 V-era? I hope you like it. Feel free to leave your comments. Greetings from Hannover - Simon.

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