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Basketball Court


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This project is pretty self-explanatory, so I'm going to do something that I never do: I'm going to go into detail behind the backstory of this project. 

So I've noticed that a lot of people comment "Brick On!" on others' projects (Is this a joke I'm not in on? I still have no idea), and I noticed this one day when I was watching a basketball game, and at that time, I explained this to my brother, who said, "But isn't bricking a bad thing?" I asked him what he meant and as it turned out, he was talking about basketball. ("Bricking" is basically when you shoot a basketball and it bounces off the rim instead of going into the hoop.) This is when the inspiration came about: I was looking through my old projects and noticed that a few people had really liked the basketball courts that I made in older projects at the time that my brother said this. And it hit me: I should make a basketball court! Even by itself, it could be a pretty great idea! It's small and would be affordable! Hmmm...and so I built this project. It comes with four minifigs and a simple basketball court surrounded by a wall in dark tan. It's modular and fits with the modular building series. 

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