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Final Update: Thank you

Hello everybody:
The HMS Beagle LEGO Ideas project is about to reach 10k supporters. Thank you to all you!
Many of you are not usual LEGO Ideas visitors, and you take notice of the project because you read about it on the web, facebook or twitter. So I want to give special thanks to the people and institutions that not only supported the project, but also helped in spreading the idea worldwide. I tried to make the list as complete as possible (I apologize if I am missing someone). The order of the list is given by the date of publication on internet.

Karen James Ph.D, @kejames, The Beagle Project
Friends of Darwin
Michael Barton
Josh Witten Ph.D., @joshwitten,
David Jones,
Smithsonian Magazine,
American Geophysical Union,
Professor Jerry Coyne, Ph.D.,
Christian Breinbauer M.D., Revista Bricks,
Martin Robbins, from The Guardian,
Hans Zauner, @hanszauner
Professor PZ Myers, Ph.D.,
6000 miles,
Glen Bricker,
Mai Armstrong,

I much appreciate the comments and feedback received in the Comments section. I want to make special mention of some LEGO Ideas´s users that have permanently supported, encouraged and given valuable feedback to me:
Circe Verva, Ph.D. @circeverba,
Felix Stiessen @saabfan_lego,

I also want to thank the LEGO Ideas Team for giving me the opportunity to realize a dream.

I developed this project to inspire children (and adults I hope too) about how wonderful is science and its history. I enjoy immensely while planning, researching, building, and promoting the project. I also had to learn to use LDD, learn to render with POVRAY, and even some notions of vector drawing for the design of the stickers. When the Project was published at LEGO Ideas, the feedback that people gave me was very motivating and kept my courage up all the time. After less than 10 months we get the necessary votes. It was a huge challenge and has required constant work, and so I am happy. Whatever the outcome of the Review (and I hope it will be successful) I think it was worth it.
Thank you very much to all, the project belongs to you as much as it belongs to me.

Best Regards

Luis Peña
(aka LuisPG), twitter: @LuisPG2014, flickr:



9900+ Ultimate Renders of the Project

The HMS Beagle Project: a ship, 3 vignettes, 8 minifigures


9700+ Supporters. New pictures: Darwin's first tree of life (1837) and more

Dolphins swimming and the HMS Beagle

Back in England, Darwin drew his first tree of life with the words "I think" above it (Notebook B, 1837)


9600+ Supporters. New HR Pictures of the HMS Beagle


9500+ Supporters. New renders of the Vignettes

Hello everybody:

I made new renders of the vignettes, with some modifications. I hope you like them.

Thank you for your support! 

Kind regards



9400+ Supporters. New picture: Final render of the Minifigures

Hello everybody:

The project is approaching to the 10K, and I am doing some final modifications to it.

Darwin now has sideburns. John C. Wickham has not beard. Jemmy Button was added, taking the place of a sailor. Covington has a bag for storing the collected specimens.

I hope you like the new picture, I think this render is better than the original one. Remember that you can find the new pictures in high resolution at my flickr album

Thanks for your support.





9200+ Supporters. New picture: Darwin doing field research in Patagonia

Darwin did a lot of field research in Patagonia, he discovered many fossils, and a new species of ostrich: Rhea darwinii.



Over 100k visitors! New picture: Darwin rode a tortoise at Galapagos Islands


9100+ supporters. New picture of Darwin

Since his childhood, Darwin was a big fan of insects, and during the voyage of the Beagle he had the best opportunities to observe and create a large collection of specimens.



9000+ Supporters New Main Picture & Face for Charles Darwin

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