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HMS Beagle


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The HMS Beagle needs less than 1K votes.

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8000+ Supporters!

I can not believe it.

The LEGO HMS Beagle reached the 8k, the project is so close to the Review!


I am very happy!


Introducing Conrad Martens and Syms Covington

Hello everybody:

Conrad Martens was the ship's artist. Many of his paintings of landscapes, many of which included the Beagle, helped me at the time to create my model of Beagle. You can find his biography and some of his paintings at wikipedia:

Syms Covington was Darwin's assistant in the Beagle (and for some years after the voyage of the Beagle, when Darwin was in England). In the Beagle, Darwin trained Covington as a collector of specimens, hunter and taxidermist. Covington even wrote his own dairy of the trip and he gathered his own collection of specimens. You can find more information of Covington in the wikipedia.


Approaching 8K

The HMS Beagle was a sailboat, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. 

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LuisIn this render, Darwin is studying a finch, in his room at the Beagle.



7000 supporters, 600 days left

Very good news. The project reached 7K supporters with 600 days left.

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6000 supporters

Today the project reached 6,000 supporters.

I want to thank Lego Chile and Revista Bricks (Bricks Magazine, Chile, directed by Christian Breinbauer) that posted the project in their facebook pages. 

I would like to thank again all those who have supported the project. The Lego HMS Beagle still has a long way to go, but your support, suggestions and encouragement, make the path a wonderful experience. Thank you very much.



New (and Fantastic) Official Comment

Hi everybody:

I'm very happy because the project has a new Official Comment. This is my favorite part: "What a beautiful ship, what a lovely idea!". Thanks to the Lego Ideas Team for this fantastic comment. And the best part of this voyage to the 10k is the support and the feedback from all the fans of Science and Lego that are voting for the HMS Beagle. Thank you very much!