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HMS Beagle reviewed by GlenBricker

GlenBricker wrote in his website about HMS Beagle:

'This is a very clever approach to the vignette concept and the ship concept... Adding them together to get the ship AND a story to sell the model. Well done!'

Thank you very much for your comment GlenBricker.




More than 5,000 supporters

This is so cool! We are in the middle of the Journey to 10K, and this is an achievement of all the people that are voting for the HMS Beagle and sharing the idea.

But the project still needs other 5,000 supporters

Please help me to spread the project!

Thank tou very much!

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HMS Beagle in many websites across the Internet

Hi everybody:

Mainly thanks to the article by Martin Robbins in the Guardian:


other websites shared the Lego HMS Beagle project yesterday:

even from Chile, my country:

And many others post the project in their Facebook and Twitter

Thanks to all the people that are supporting and sharing the HMS Beagle Project!

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4000 supporters :)

4000 Supporters! This is amazing. But the project still needs 6,000 votes. If you like the project, please share it on your social networks, blogs or websites. If this project reaches 10,000 votes and is approved, it will be an achievement for everyone who supported and shared it. Thank you!


3333 supporters in less than 17 days




The history of Jemmy Button

Jemmy Button, a native Fuegian, was purchased to his family (changed by a button) when he had 15 years old, during the first expedition of HMS Beagle in Tierra del Fuego. Jemmy was taken to England, he learned english and was even presented to the King and the Queen. Years later on the second voyage of the Beagle, Darwin and Fitzroy returned him to his native Woollya. The picture shows the last meeting of Jemmy with his friends of the HMS Beagle, Jemmy was approached in his canoe, which had a small flag and waved them, the Beagle's crew at first did not recognize him, for he was almost naked his hair was long and messy. The Voyage of HMS Beagle was full of stories, science and adventure.


New character: Jemmy Button

Hi everybody:

I present you a new character of the Voyage of the Beagle, the native Fuegian Jemmy Button

Soon a canoe, with a little flag flying, was seen approaching, with one of the men in it washing the paint off his face. This man was poor Jemmy,now a thin, haggard savage, with long disordered hair, and naked, except a bit of blanket round his waist.

Charles Darwin, The Voyage of the Beagle, Chapter X: Tierra del Fuego

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