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    Supporters from SpaceX - You inspire us!


    Dear SpaceX Lego Fans,

    As we count down to 10,000, you continue to blow us away with your support!

    Kicked off by SpaceX Engineer Andrew Rader @marsrader, we want to say a special thank you to the supporters from SpaceX who have done an amazing job of letting people know about this project.  It's fantastic to have the real life SpaceX engineers, programmers and technicians onboard.  You folks inspire us, so it's great to join with you and get a shot at inspiring millions of kids with SpaceX Lego!



    Thank You - 5,000 supporters!


    Hi SpaceX Lego enthusiasts,

    Our sincere appreciation goes out to all 5,000 of you.

    As we pass the halfway mark, we also want to thank the amazing sites letting people know about this project. A big shout out to Brick Vault, Universe Today, Brick Show, Other Bricks, Toys N Bricks, Tesla Motor Club, Mars Gazette, plus all the Facebook fans, Reddit contributors and Tweeters :)

    We’ve been listening to your suggestions for additions to this project. As we progress towards 10,000 supporters we’re going to be adding more SpaceX equipment.  Next up is the Dragon 1 capsule, to be followed by Of Course I Still Love You, the Autonomous spaceport drone ship - check back soon to see pics of these new additions.

    Again, thank you for being one of our first 5,000 supporters…10,000 here we come!

    Thank you 3,000+ supporters


    The support and encouragement all 3,000 of you have given us is just awesome!

    As a token of our appreciation to each of you, we're excited to be adding more elements to this project.   

    Below are the first pictures of the transportation system SpaceX uses to tow the TEL and rocket out to the launch pad.  It includes the two tugs, front tow cradle and rear rail bogies.

    We're going to keep working on more elements, so make sure to let us know in the comments which ones you want to see next!

    Thanks again,

    Matthew & Valerie


    Wow, 2000+ supporters!


    Thanks so much to each of you for your support, it means the world to us! We listen to all your comments and always appreciate your thoughts on the project.

    This journey has only just begun, shortly we’ll be releasing our first addition to the collection. More SpaceX tech that has never been seen on Lego Ideas before, we can’t wait to share it with you!

    In the meantime, for the many people that have expressed an interest in building this project as a companion to their Apollo Saturn V, below is a photo of the two 1:110 scale sets together.