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Paddington Bear With Marmalade Sandwiches

This is Paddington Bear!

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Paddington Bear is a character by Micael Bond.
The bear is from Peru to Paddington station. He loves marmalade sandwiches, and has them under his hat.

Here is what's available...
  • Red hat,
  • Blue duffle coat,
  • Yellow rain boots,
  • Marmalade jam jar inside his suitcase,
  • Marmalade sandwiches in his hat!

He can take off his hat, so you find three sandwiches inside it. Also, you'll find a jar of marmalade in his suitcase.

His arms are raisable. His sandwiches and his jar of marmalade jam are removable. So you can enjoy various poses.

I'm looking forward to your support and comments.

Great, thanks!

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