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Plymouth Switcher


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Introducing the switcher!

Big locomotives have pulled long trains of freight for several decades, delivering countless varieties of items "pro bono omnium"--for the good of all. However, even the smaller locomotives prove to be very useful engines.

Often called "switchers", these strong little engines collect strings of railcars every day, transporting them from one track to another, rolling them into sidings for bigger engines to haul away. Switchers work in both railyards and industrial railways, and come in multiple sizes.

One of the oldest and smallest switchers, shown below in LEGO® form, is the Plymouth type. Unlike most locomotives, the Plymouth switchers ran on gasoline instead of electric motors, but were nonetheless still powerful. These locomotives often carried trains of small ore cars, pulling a few larger railcars on occasion. Nowadays, these locomotives mostly reside in preservation museums, still showing their strength by operating for excursion trips.

How it came together...

Honestly, I was really in the mood one night to build a small locomotive that has Powered UP compatibility. I made the decision to base my MOC upon the humble Plymouth switcher, since its details would be easy to replicate within a smaller chassis. And so, I got to work. It took me three days to find time to build and render this little switcher. Now, it is here for all of you to see! I hope you like it. :-D

Project description:

This generic adaption of a Plymouth switcher is 320 pieces. Aside from the engine itself, an engineer named George and a display stand are included. The engine includes the features that Plymouth switchers would generally have: A short exhaust stack, a large frontal grille, two doors mounted on the back-sides of the cab, a curved roof, and even that little dome-thingy that resides in front of the cab. (If someone of you should know, please tell me what that little dome-thingy is called!) Lastly, this locomotive is Powered UP™ compatible, and requires a Hub and a Train Motor to power it.

A little reminder, folks...

Now that I have a job, I do not have as much time to build MOCs and upload projects to LEGO® Ideas. However, I will make sure to visit as often as I can. Also, I will be starting another hiatus soon on November 30th, and I shall return on December 25th.

Finally! A conclusion!

Thank you all so much for viewing this little projects! If you read the entire description up to this point, kudos to you! Please feel free to express your opinion(s) about this project in the description section above. Have a great day, and take care!

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