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The German BR 50 Locomotive


Some new features to be presented,eben 4000 votes are done.

Dear train Fans, keep on voting. When we reach 4000 votes, there will be a big update, for building the loco in different Versions:
-tender with cab or without
-big deflectors or small ones
-big deflectors with the typical Kink
-much more detailed tender bogies
-much more detailed pushrods
So keep on voting!


Thank you, 1000 votes are done!

At this point, i want to say thank you to every supporter up to now! That's great!


Technical Data of the German Class/BR 50 locomotive

Length: approx. 66 studs
Wirth: approx. 9 studs
Motorization: Display model, but motorization is possible by two train-engines under the tender
Ammount of Parts: approx. 2300

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