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SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super Heavy 1:110 Scale


10,000 supporters achieved!

Lego SpaceX Fans….We Have Blast off! 


Our sincere appreciation goes out to every single one of the 10,000 amazing supporters for this project. Your comments of encouragement and countless tweets, posts and messages have been incredible! 

Some great person in the world of space said that everyone should pursue what we're passionate about, as it’ll make them happier than pretty much anything else.  They were right, as building this project and seeing the Lego community support for it makes us happier than words can explain.

There’s no doubt as the Reviewers from Lego Ideas take this product idea through the next stage, your continued enthusiasm for SpaceX Lego has reignited the push to see it become a reality.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude the myriad of people who helped promote this project online and in the real world. These tireless campaigners included many who we’ve recently meet through a shared passion for seeing real life Lego SpaceX kits. Whilst there are too many to list, we wanted to make special mention ofTim Dodd, the Everyday AstronautHuman MarsEurobricksMaryJules and the great TheSpaceNerdon Lego Ideas.

As always, the unsung heroes are our family who support us in the untold hours of designing, building, refining, photographing and promoting this project. These include Valerie’s Husband Gilles, Mark’s Partner Mckenzie and Matthew’s Partner Carolyn.

This is just the beginning!  We want to keep the development going, incorporating both your ideas and future changes to the real life Starship – Super Heavy. The project’s Facebook page, Lego SpaceX : BFR Starship - Super Heavy is where you can follow future additions and developments. Other ways to stay in touch include:

Twitter: MatthewValerie and Mark

Flicker: Lego SpaceX : BFR Starship - Super Heavy

Facebook: Valerie

Travelling to the Moon, Mars and beyond has become a renewed reality! SpaceX‘s Starship – Super Heavy will be pivotal in making this possible and in doing so, inspire new generations who’s first step into space could well be building rockets in Lego.

Thank you for helping us build a path to the stars - brick by brick.

Valerie, Mark & Matthew

Ad Astra


More internal pics

As we count down the final 500 tickets available on Starship - Super Heavy, we wanted to share with you some more pictures of the internal functionality.

Here are the upper cargo storage bays, complete with opening doors, removable cargo pods and functional winch for lowering the cargo pods down to the surface of Mars.

Also below are pictures of our whole SpaceX rocket family, along with Saturn V and all in exacting 1:110 scale.  This original white/grey colour version of Starship-Super Heavy incorporates recent design enhancements to the nose cone, updated Super Heavy pipes and an upgraded Starship engine layout and cockpit.  Weve also rebuilt the stand with some new colours.



Just in time

As we count down to 10,000, we want to say a special thank you for your support!

To show our thanks and before time runs out, we're pleased to share with you the first internal pictures of our Starship - Super Heavy. 

The cockpit can be easily removed to reveal the crew and passenger seating compartment, complete with reclinable seats inspired by Dragon 2 and control systems for the Starship pilots.

Thanks again for your support, it's great to join with you and get a shot at inspiring millions of kids with SpaceX Lego!

Valerie, Mark & Matthew



Three quarters of the way

To each fabulous Supporter,

Thank you for helping our project reach this important milestone. Your votes, comments & suggestions have made all this possible.

As we work towards the magic 10,000 votes, we look forward to sharing with you the fantastic interior and to continue incorporating design updates from SpaceX.

Thanks again,

Valerie, Mark & Matthew


Thank You - 5,000 supporters!

Hi Lego SpaceX Starship fans,

Our heart felt appreciation goes out to all 5,000 of you.

As we pass the halfway mark, we also want to thank the amazing people spreading the word about this project. A big shout out to the Everyday Astronaut Tim Dodd, Human Mars and Eurobricks, along with all the Facebook fans, Reddit contributors and Tweeters :)

We’ve been listening to your suggestions and following Elon's advice to constantly be thinking about how we could be doing things better.  On that note we're thrilled to release our first update.  This enanced nose cone greatly improves the accuracy - check back soon to see more improvements and new additions!

Again, thank you for being one of our first 5,000 supporters…10,000 here we come!


Thank you 3,000+ supporters

The support and encouragement all 3,000 of you have given us is just amazing!

For all those who have asked for it, here’s a picture of Starship-Super Heavy with its stable mate Falcon Heavy along with Saturn V - each are exacting 1:110 in scale. All three are currently on display at the Dennis Johnson Library, Stanhope in Sydney Australia, where they'll be exhibited to the public till the end of February 2019.

We couldn’t have imagined the support you’d all show when we first started working on this project in September 2018. The last minute change to silver had us painting hundreds of parts, well after we thought the build and photos were all finished, but it was worth it! We know that won’t be the last change, so we're going to keep pace with the evolving design as it’s announced, and work on more elements and improvements. Make sure to let us know in the comments what you want to see next!

Thanks again,

Valerie, Mark & Matthew


T-minus 9K

Wow, 1,000 supporters! Thank you all so much, not just for hitting the support button, but for sharing this project online and for all the positive feedback & encouragement.

This journey is off to a great start and to celebrate we’re thrilled to share more photos of the liquid silver Starship - Super Heavy!

As the real life BFR / Starship-Super Heavy design continues to evolve, we look forward to adapting our design to incorporate the new changes and posting updated pics. 

You can follow this project on it's dedicated Facebook page, where you'll find all the latest designs, updates and discussions in real time.

Please also support the many other excellent space projects on Lego Ideas, including those by Eiffleman, nwbatman, Stevenhoward27 and our very own whatsuptoday!

Again, thank you for contributing to the first 1,000.

10,000 here we come!