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Steampunk Travel House

This build was inspired by the Neverwas Haul, a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House, made from 75% recycled equipment and materials. Obtainium Works  designed and built the Neverwas Haul as a vehicle to explore the Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man Festivals in 2006 and 2007.
My version the Steampunk Travel House offers a more streamlined symmetrical Victorian design. As it designed to be a house on wheels, I  tried to offer the amenities a typical house would have such as a dining area, a sleeping area and a washing area.
In keeping with my playability theme offered an easy way to access the levels of the vehicle/house.
As it is also a vehicle aside from being a house the front wheels can be turned 180 degrees.
The build consist of 829 bricks including 5 minifigs. 
This is my 38th build, and hopefully more to come. As with my previous sets this build is fully playable. If you like this model please do share and support this build through your friends and your social network.
Your opinions, suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Thank You and Happy Building :)

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