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Armada Port

The Idea

Pirates and buccaneers beware!
Too long have you preyed on weak and unprotected merchant ships! Too long have you raided small Caribbean Islands and ports! Too long have you roamed the seven seas without meeting any real resistance! Now you will have to face the justice of the mighty Imperial Armada!

This "Armada Port" is an homage to the beloved 90s Imperial Armada pirates subtheme, which only ever got a single fort like structure! While sets like the "Eldorado Fortress" were clearly based on the British Empire, this all new design uses elements of real life Caribbean architecture to pay tribute to the Spanish Armada while also trying to capture the spirit of Caribbean ports like Havana!

If you like my building style and designs inspired by classic LEGO themes and history, then please also check out my other medieval builds: The "Wolfpack Castle", and the "Forestmen Outpost".

The Build

The build consists of a small Caribbean island complete with a bay, a rocky cliff, a cave, palm trees, parrots and a monkey. Despite the small size of the island, this Caribbean trading post consists of several interesting structures:
  1. A small wooden peer
  2. A crane
  3. A boat
  4. An open storehouse to store incoming goods
  5. A small residential house
  6. and the big Armada fort on the cliffs above the bay!

The fort itself consists of:
  1. The governor's house, which contains a war room, a storage for treasure, an armoury and bunk beds for the port's garrison,
  2. and a bastion with cannons and a bell to sound the alarm in case of a pirate attack!

The "Armada Port" consists of 2980 pieces including 3 parrots, a monkey and 4 minifigures:
  1. The port's governor
  2. An Armada guard
  3. An Armada sailor
  4. and a female merchant!

Length: 38 cm.
Width: 38 cm.
Height: 24 cm.

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