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Wolfpack Castle

The Idea

The Wolfpack is and always has been one of the most beloved factions of the classic 1990s castle theme despite only ever having a single proper set: the "Wolfpack Tower (6075)". While the relatively small size of the tower was partially understandable due to the fact that the Wolfpack is a faction of bandits and robber-knights, I have always been a bit sad that there were no bigger Wolfpack sets. Being a big fan of the faction myself, I decided to design a new home for the Wolfpack: The "Wolfpack Castle".

However, I did not simply want to create an updated version of the "Wolfpack Tower": This is not the point of LEGO Ideas and also would have taken away a lot of my creative freedom during the design process. Instead, I chose to keep certain key elements of the old tower, like the iconic black, grey and red colour palette and combine them with new ideas, I thought fitting to bring the faction back to its old glory. Come and explore the Wolfpack's new island fortress. But be careful: it seems like the castle is haunted!

The Build

The "Wolfpack Castle" is located on a small coastal island, surrounded by the sea and is only connected to the main land by a small stone bridge. The island is almost fully covered by barren rock and has almost no vegetation. On top of the rocks there is the main castle, which consists of three sections:
  1. the lower gate, which is the castle's first line of defence and secures the pathway that leads up to the upper castle section
  2. the main gate, which secures the upper courtyard and displays the Wolfpack's iconic coat of arms
  3. the castle's keep, which contains the armoury and serves as the final line of defence in case of an attack.

Below the main castle, there is a big cave which opens up to the sea and contains a small pier. The cave and the pier are connected to the castle's keep by a ladder and a small hatch which leads to the upper courtyard. This way, small boats can be used to supply the castle with food during a siege or as a way to escape in the unlikely scenario that the keep is taken by enemy forces.

The whole island is build in several modular sections that can be taken apart very easily to grant access to the model's interior. Due to its different layers and sections the "Wolfpack Castle" is both an impressive display piece and an amazing play set!

The "Wolfpack Castle" consists of 1776 pieces and comes with 5 minifigures and 3 seagulls.
  1. The Wolfpack's new leader, a fierce and cunning robber-baron
  2. A Wolfpack crossbowman
  3. A Wolfpack guard with an axe
  4. A Wolfpack robber with a spear
  5. A spooky ghost

Length: 31.2 cm
Height: 26.8 cm
Width: 25.8 cm

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