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Forestmen Outpost

The Idea

Every kingdom has a forest and in every forest there is a gang of outlaws! The classic LEGO Forestmen theme captured this notion of wild but friendly bandits and outlaws perfectly. After designing "The King's Castle", I wanted to create a project focused on one of the opposing factions and chose to create a Forestmen centred build.

The classic Forestmen sets always combined castle pieces with trees and forest elements. The "Forestmen Outpost" combines all of these features: The main structure is an abandoned watchtower guarding a long forgotten trade road through the kingdom's darkest forest. After the tower was destroyed and was left behind by the king's knights it became the home of a small gang of Forestmen!

The Build

The build tries to capture the feeling of the classic LEGO Forestmen theme. While using a lot of studs on the side building techniques for the rocks and the tower, I chose to build trees that look very similar to the classic LEGO trees and refrained from using too many new foliage pieces. This way the "Forestmen Outpost" is supposed to feel modern while still paying homage to the 90s Forestmen sets.

The "Forestmen Outpost" consists of a large main structure accompanied by several smaller structures: The main section is the abandoned watchtower itself. It consists of two floors connected by a ladder and has a trap door that leads right down to the cave below. While there presumably once was a stone bridge connecting the ruins of the tower to the ruins of the stairs on the other side of the road, the Forestmen had to create a wooden bridge to access the tower.

The cave below is the actual home of the gang: It comes with a big metal chest, a bed, some weapons and supplies and can be accessed either through the front door or through a secret escape passage behind the fireplace.

On the outside, the Forestmen have made camp on the old trade road: They have lit a campfire and put up a weapons' rack, as well as some barrels.

The "Forestmen Outpost" consists of 1837 pieces and comes with 3 minifigures.
  1. The fearless leader of the Forestmen, carrying a sword and a shield
  2. The bearded lookout, who keeps an eye out for enemies and travellers
  3. The fierce-looking but well-mannered cook, who takes care of the campfire

Length: 23.3 cm
Height: 25.3 cm
Width: 30.6 cm

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