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Medieval Library

Welcome to the Medieval Library! Our faithful Librarian does his best to keep the tomes of learning and reason safe and sound in the library tower. Each floor houses shelves of books. On the top floor is his illumination desk, where he copies and transcribes ancient manuscripts. He lives beside the library in a humble house. A fair maiden and nobleman have come to visit and borrow a book or two (if the Librarian will allow it). Just as things seemed normal and dandy, two rotten Wolf-Pack mercenaries appeared, bringing terror and fire to the scene. Will the Librarian make it into his tower quickly enough to lock the heavy door, and protect the sacred writings? Will Robin and Forestmen come to the rescue?

This project is inspired by great medieval builds like Namirob's Medieval Blacksmith, and Povoq's Castle in the Forest and Castle of Brickwood Forest. Also, my previous medieval artisans: the Medieval Butcher, Medieval Carpenter, Medieval Miller (Windmill), and Medieval Guarded Grocer, all designed by Arselus are inspirations. In addition to these, it is great to see the castle theme re-emerging on Ideas, other great builds include PeterKeith's Medieval Watchtower, xXgGhostXx's Medieval Guarded Inn. I hope that the Medieval Library will be a fine addition to these great medieval projects.

The build currently contains 2706 parts, and 5 minifigures. The library tower has 3 fully detailed interior levels, and the Librarian's house is also fully detailed inside, including a fine bed, a black sheep skin rug, and small kitchenette (with some fried fish hanging in the corner). I hope you enjoy the build! Please leave comments about possible improvements.

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