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Medieval Guarded Grocer

The medieval village grows! Welcome to the Guarded Grocer! The Forestmen have returned, hearing Robin's call for help. They've raided the Grocer and taken the Black Falcons by surprise. Robin has been freed from his long captivity (in the tower) and the Forestmen are busy at work to return the turnips, carrots, cherries, pumpkins and lettuce to the people. The build contains 2874 parts total.

"These vegetables belong to the people!" -Robin
"Huzzah!" -The Forestmen
"We'll be back to collect taxes!" -The Black Falcons
"Give me a break." -The Grocer

This build inspired by the classic castle theme and classic sets like (6067) Guarded Inn and the (10185) Green Grocer. Povoq's excellent build: The Castle in the Forest got me started with LEGO Ideas, and Namirob's Medieval Blacksmith was a great inspiration too. Castle of Brickwood Forest is also an inspiration as are the many medieval tavern, market and artisan projects. I love the Forestmen, Lion Knights and Black Falcon's particularly. It has been great to see so many castle projects on Ideas.

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A video of the build rotating. I hope you enjoy!

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