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Medieval Miller (Windmill)


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The Medieval Village expands! First we had the Medieval Butcher. Then the Medieval Carpenter. And now (by popular vote), the Medieval Miller (with a Windmill). These projects were inspired Namirob's excellent Medieval Blacksmith, and by many years of classic castle sets, including Forestmen sets, Black Knights, Black Falcons, Royal Knights, Lion Knights and Wolfpack. A watermill was also an option for this project, but it felt like this village just needed a windmill.

Come visit the Medieval Miller. He works hard by day at the windmill, milling the village wheat and making flour. His wife bakes excellent bread (she is also featured in the Medieval Butcher Ideas set). In fact, his life was very plain and simple, and has been so for many years. But one strange and stormy Saturday night, a mysterious seagull carrying a written note found his way to the top of the Windmill.

"Captured, captive, need help. -Robin" the note read.

Reading the note, the Miller was spurred to action. He immediately began drawing up plans to reunite the Forestmen, find Robin, and launch a daring rescue.

The windmill features the custom thatch roof that I originally created for the Medieval Butcher, and have here modified and made unique for the Medieval Miller.

The Miller's house design and colors are inspired by traditional medieval buildings in Amsterdam, complemented by colorful flowers customary to the setting.

This build also features the Miller's brother (and former Forestman), the Shepherd (and his brick-built sheep). He may become the star of his own future set...

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