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Ancient Greek Temple-the Parthenon

I’m happy and glad to present you The Partenon, the most famous and iconic Greek monument, in its golden ege, when it was complete and extremly beautiful. This is my homage to it, I hope you will appreciate my build. 


All the 3000 pieces are used for the main build, the ancient temple dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, arts and literature and war, that was built between 447 and 432 B.C. 

The set resembles the massive Greek monument also in his dimentions, indeed it mesures over: 

        -26cm (10’’) wide; 

        -56cm (22’’) long; 

        -18cm (7’’) high. 

With the build are also included 5 minifigures complete with stand: 

        -Two Greek soldiers complete with helmets and capes; 

        -Three Athens abitants (One young man, one old man and one young woman). 

This set is very detailed and accurate, but also playable with a roof that can be removed to see se the interiors with the sculpture of Athena, the Athena Parthenos, in a meticulous reconstruction of the original Parthenon.  


In conclusion this set is the perfect one for those who, like me, love the Greek story, monuments and mythology; and want to see this as a real Lego set. 

As Lego fans we miss something like this and supporting this project you are not only helping me to reach my dream, see a Lego set that i designed on shelves, but also contributing to make an unique lego set that doesn’t have even a license. 

Thank you for supporting my project!

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