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Finding Nemo


Help Nemo and Dory find their way home as they explore the Great Barrier Reef, the East Australian Current, Morrow Bay and more in this exciting LEGO adventure!

Digital Wizards (Paul Hollingsworth and James Banks "jbanks562") are huge Pixar and Disney fans, so we built LEGO models of Nemo and Dory. These playable models are rigid, sturdy, and built to withstand hours of play.  

Play features:

Nemo and Dory both feature fully moveable mouth, fins, and tails.

Nemo's features his trademark "lucky" fin on his right side.  

This set is really fun to build and play with.  The models are great for display and are easily "swooshable"  

This set takes advantage of Mixels socket joints, SNOT building techniques and a vibrant palette of color perfect for your undersea adventures. Dory features approximately 138 pieces. Nemo is composed of approximately 250 pieces.

In summary, we designed this Finding Nemo and Dory LEGO IDEAS set to be affordable, fun, and playable with some of the most iconic fish in the world. We hope that you support our project by voting for it. To see more of Nemo and Dory, check out the Digital Wizards Youtube Channel.

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