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Mata Nui Rises [Bionicle Tribute Set]


Over 7777 Supporters! Thank you! (March Update Part 1)

Hello gathered friends, thank you so much for bringing the project to where it is. I promised I would release instructions when we hit this number (777 stairs anyone?) and I will soon. The milestone has crept up faster than I thought and I'll need a couple days to learn how to make them. Commitments in real life have made it hard to make time for work on this but I will try to get the instructions out over the coming week. Once again thanks to all who have supported so far! I hope to incorporate suggestions people have given, in updates soon-ish!


2022 Update!

Hello gathered friends, it's been a while since I've updated this but I have meant to for a while, seeing as the cover picture was outdated and I felt I could improve the fingers. I have also added some poses of Makuta in control of the GSR/MNR as a big part of it's "on screen" appearance it is in the control of him.

"I have a better idea. Join me. Together, we have the power to decimate universes. We could rule all of reality."

Anyways we are now at 7100 supporters which is amazing! We are nearly there! I have subbed out unavailable colours and now the model is buildable with real colours so at 7777 I will try release instructions/the model file seeing as so many have asked about that.

The continued comments and advice are very welcome and there is a long list of improvements that can be made, the review in May is the goal!


July Update! Big thank you for 5000+ supporters!

Hello, sorry for the long wait, many of you have expressed that the face was not good enough and I agree, in this update I have tried to improve it and I believe it comes much closer to catching the likeness of the GSR's face:

The shoulders have also been changed, same as last update, the top section detaches to allow for 100 degree articulation!

I've also including a mini plaque, entirely made up as it is hard to know what TLG would allow in a set (If they would allow new molds or rereleased molds) Regardless I think such an addition would be a nice tribute to the three beings who had control of the MU at various stages:

(Mata Nui, Makuta Teridax and Everyone's favorite eldritch entity-Tren Krom)

Once again, a big thank you to all who have supported so far, whether that is telling others about this Idea, giving advice on the build or just taking the time to vote, it would not be possible without you.
Thank you.

Onwards to 6k!



Big thank you for 1000+ supporters!

I just wanted to say thank you all those who have voted and got the project this far! Keep up the momentum! I also wanted to impliment some ideas people had, such as better shoulders plus better ankles. I didn't have time to come up with a satisfactory improvement for the face and I know many people want that improved, I will certainly fix that soon. Anyways heres a picture to hightlight the improvement, the arms could only bend 45 degrees out but now can bend about 100 degrees!

Note: Sorry if its grainy its becuase I couldn't find a good quality background picture :)

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