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The Polar Express



We've made it to the North Pole!

Thank you all so much for 10,000 supporters! It was a quick ride (only two months!) and I'm extremely happy to see the tremendous support for a LEGO Polar Express set! This'll be my third project ever to hit 10,000 supporters, and for that I couldn't be more thankful to each and every one of you who supported me along my LEGO Ideas journey :) While we wait for the results (it'll be a while), please consider checking out my other projects, like Mr. Bean and the Pixar lamp!

Again, thank you all so much!



5,000 supporters!

We just hit 5,000 supporters so I'd like to express a quick thank you to everyone that has supported, commented, and shared thus far! The goal of 10,000 is in sight! 


2-8-4 :)

Updated the Locomotive - now 2-8-4! 


The Polar Express Update 2.0!

Thank you all so much for the support so far, and for all the wonderful comments expressing feedback and love for the project! I listen to every comment, and as such also figured the project needed a large update. Without further ado, here's update 2.0! 

This update features a huge redesign of the Coach, Tender, and Observation Cars, along with further improvement of details on the Locomotive itself. 

The cars have also been modified to properly fit any LEGO track, including curved tracks, in order to fit any display or LEGO city.

2 key characters have also been added due to popular demand, the Hobo and the Engineer! The Hobo also comes with his Scrooge Puppet to scare off any doubters!

You can even pose the Hobo on top of the Coach car with his own display!

And that's update 2.0 of the LEGO Polar Express IDEAS Project! This isn't necessarily the final update, so if there's anything else you'd like me to improve on/add, please do let me know! Thank you!

Some side notes:

- I understand that the Polar Express has a 2-8-4 setup, while the project has a 2-6-4. Unfortunately, I was unable to include another set of wheels without causing track interference. However, I will continue to do my best in modifying this crucial feature of the locomotive. Rest assured, however, that if this project hits 10,000 supporters and is approved by LEGO, their designers will have much more design knowledge than I will ever have and could possibly pull this off :)

- Why is there only one Engineer? Aren't there two? Yes, there are, but I wanted to keep the minifigure count proportional and realistic to the size of the model/piece count. This is why I originally ommited the Hobo and Engineer in the first version, as the piece count didn't justify 8 figures. However, with redesigns, I can now justify including the Hobo and an Engineer.

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