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The Polar Express

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All aboard! Tickets please!

Ride on the iconic Polar Express as it heads to the North Pole for Christmas! Based on the beloved film, this 1500 piece set includes 8 minifigures: Hero Boy, Hero Girl, Billy, the Know-It-All Kid, a Waiter, the Hobo, an Engineer, and the Conductor!

Many items from the movie make an appearance in this set, including the “Believe” Polar Express Ticket, Hero Boy’s bell, and the waving Snowman! There’s also Billy’s present, the Conductor’s watch, the Hobo's puppet, and much more!

The Polar Express itself features 4 components, each attached through magnetic bumpers: the Locomotive and Tender Car, a Coach Car, and an Observation Car. The Coach and Observation Cars both feature removable walls and roofs making play much easier! Recreate iconic scenes from the classic film, such as the Hot Chocolate song and the arrival at the North Pole!

This set is not only the perfect build for Christmas (you can run it around your tree!), but all throughout the year! Fans of the film and avid LEGO train collectors alike will adore this set! The Polar Express would make a fine addition to any LEGO city, big or small!

Well then, what are you waiting for? You coming?

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