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Luxo Jr. - 35 Years of Pixar

Celebrate the legacy of the most beloved animation studio as it celebrates its 35th Anniversary with the world's most curious little desk lamp, Luxo Jr., and his red-starred ball. 

With 412 pieces, this model is perfect for collectors and casual fans alike. Built on a technic structure, the model is able to be posed in various different ways; the head can rotate 360 degrees, and the body of the lamp has been designed to offer as much versatility as possible. You can even recreate the iconic scene where Luxo Jr. looks curiously at the ball, as well as the scene where he crushes it. 

But that's not all - the set also includes a Pixar display and some small easter eggs for true fans, including a mini Luxo Jr. and ball, with the ability to swap out the letter I with the lamp. In addition, included are a chess piece, Tin Toy and a paintbrush to pay tribute to iconic Pixar shorts and to the creativity and artistry that goes into making every single movie and animation. 

With your help, Luxo Jr. can become a real LEGO set for all to enjoy! Make sure to support, and help spread the word by sharing online and in-person. Thank you!

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