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Avatar: The Illuminated World of Pandora


One big reason you should vote for this set...

... Avatar 2 is coming! 


Avatar in Real Life

Avatar’s influence has crossed over to our world in a number of unexpected and imaginative ways. In 2020 alone, it has been a source of inspiration for three unique projects. Scroll down to learn more about these awesome Avatar-inspired projects. 

Check out what the car looks like here:


Listen to the song here: 



The submission still needs 2,600 votes for LEGO to consider turning it into a real playset. Please make sure to vote and share the project. 


Pandora Survival Guide: Log Entry 13

Today's Pandoran profile focuses on the “Na’vi,” which translates to “the people.” 


Avatar animated short... now in 3-D!

I’ve been experimenting with the animated short I posted a few days ago. Just like the real Avatar, I tried to do a 3D version. Mine is more low-tech though! If you’ve got an old pair of anaglyph 3-D glasses (red and blue cellophane), put them on and check out the short cartoon below. :) 


Pandora Survival Guide: Log Entry 12

Today’s featured creature is the Fan Lizard (Na'vi name: kenten). These small nocturnal creatures are known for the glowing, retractable disks on their backs that allow them to fly, similar to Leonardo Da Vinci’s early helicopter designs.



Did you know... the Toruk skull included in this set is a reference to Neytiri’s great-great grandfather who was the fifth Toruk Makto — a rider Toruk’s (Great Leonopteryx). As for the very first rider, he was the subject of a Cirque du Soleil production called “Toruk - The First Flight.”


Avatar in 3D

For Avatar, James Cameron used innovative 3D technology to bring this epic vision to life. While we can’t replicate that experience on this screen, here’s a LEGO rendition you can check out if you have a pair of anaglyph (red and blue) 3D glasses lying around.

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Avatar: Spoilers without context (LEGO Edition)

Though Avatar is one of the most successful movies of all time, I realize there might be a couple of you who haven't seen the film. ;) Here are some Avatar movie spoilers without context in case you'd like to vote this set without spoiling the plot. :D


Pandora Survival Guide: Log Entry 11

Today’s featured creature is the Thanator — whose Na’vi name literally translates to ”dry mouth bringer of fear.” Sounds about right!

Here’s a little bit of trivia on this build… My design for this animal was greatly influenced by the Lion Legend Beast from the LEGO Chima line.