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Legend of Zelda: A Link from the Past



New Stand and Weapons


Upcoming Weapons!

Here's a sneak peak at the upcoming weapons to be included in the project! I wanted to give link the Master Sword and a Hylian Shield, so I made them so that they can stick onto the Link model, or be stuck in their own separate stand. I'll be showing off a render of Link with the weapons when I redo his stand. I hope you like them!


Incoming updates!

Get ready for some updates here soon! I've got a few special things planned. I'm hoping to update with a minifigure of classic Link to be included as part of the project, and I'm working on a certain sword and shield that may make their appearance as part of the model . . . 

Is there something you'd like to see in an update? Something you'd like to see included or some changes you'd like to see to the model or stand? Let me know in a comment and I'll see what I can do!

I'm also planning to share the project more on Nintendo related sites once I get my updates up and running. Please share and spread the word and I'm sure we will be able to gain some more support!

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